Rohto HADALABO Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Milk Lotion 140ml- Review

Rohto Hadalabo "Gokujyun" line basically means "ultra moisturising". It's a new drugstore line introduced in around 2010, which became a quick massive hit , especially with their hyaluronic acid toner in the same line (they actually plastic seal the bottles and on it says "1 bottle sold every 4 seconds!".

It's 140ml in a semi hard plastic bottle with flip up top, for around 22AUD online in most places.

After removing the plastic wrap outside: 
Ingredient list etc, anyway the main featured ingredient list is Hyaluronic Acid, this line is meant to be about simplistic skincare with low irritants.

Flip up top, unfortuantely you get a lot of lotion sort of stuck on the cap at times.

Here it is on the skin, it's a runny lotion without being too liquidy.

Spreaded out:

Absorbs in about 30 seconds, leaves the skin moisturised.

This is meant to be a face moisturiser I think, overall, however because of the 140ml size it easily doubles as a body moisturiser. I found it too nourishing and rich for my face and gives me slight congestion, (however a lot of moisturisers does that to me just because my skin is so sensitive and easily congested). Then I started using this as a body moisturiser and it's really quite lovely.

Minimally scented, easy to spread and massage in, and leaves my skin just the right amount of hydration. It's not as awesome as my Kiehl's creme de corp but Kiehl's is a lot pricier in AUD RRP terms.

You can buy this online in a lot of places =)

Overall rating 4/5 (as a daily body moisturiser as opposed to face lotion).

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