Fancl Lip Cream (lipbalm/ stick) review

Fancl Lip Cream comes in a cute plastic pink slim tube packaging, it contains very ltitle product though- about 2.3g which means for those who uses lipbalm 4-5 times a day, you could use this up within weeks!

According to Fancl, it's meant to be: A daily lip care formulated with rose hip oil, Vitamin E to protect against dryness, and achieve soft and healthy lips. Use it alone, or under lip color.

*Free of preservatives, sterilizers, petroleum surfactants, fragrances, mineral oil.

Overall it's a very easily applicable, thinnish lipbalm (not the " it's not doing anything" type of thinnish but just the nature of the product itself), applies clear on the lips.  It never interferes with my other lip makeup, allows them to glide on. It helps with minor chapped lips, is extremely mild, however will not treat active lip irritations.
Sometimes I feel this is not quite enough, but for those people who frequently apply lipbalms it's very handy. I leave a tube next to my work desk and apply throughout the day, as I drink a lot of hot drinks like tea or coffee etc and reapplying this helps.
Overall 5/5. It's the most mild lipbalm I've used for my ultra sensitive lips apart from Yuskin lipcream. It will not cure accute chapped lips but it's so mild it's good for times of any lip irritations.
Probably retails around 10-12USD, which is hefty given the size.

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