Sofina Beaute Moisturiser II review/ swatch

Sofina Beaute line was released in 2009 or 2010, it was the revamped Sofina primary skincare line for probably the 20s to mid 30s age group. (Sofina later released the Jenne line for the 16s to mid 20s age group only in about 2011?).

I adore the Sofina Beaute line, it's complete from moisturiser to toner, sunscreen , various facewash or makeup remover and heavier moisturising creams.

Sofina labels their moisturiser and toner by 3 or 4 types in Roman numerals. I, II, III or IV.

"I" would be the lightest and for oily skin, II for normal skin or combo skin, III for dehydrated skin, IV for even more dry skin.

I'm using "II" which is for normal or combo skin.

It's in a beautiful bottle, with an easy to grip screw top cap, the bottle is a pale mint blue, very pretty and simple. Moisturisers come in standard 120ml size.

The bottle is almost opaque, but under the light you can still see how much has been used roughly. To show I've actually used substantial amounts here before my review, you can see I'm almost 60% through the bottle.

The opening is just like this- there's some special design so the moisturiser is trapped in the opening (compared to flowing everywhere and dirtying the caps like normal squeeze bottles).

Here's the consistency- is a milky moisturiser- not a cream, it is slightly on the runnier side, much like a standard moisturising lotion consistency, e.g. Sisley econological compound.

Spreaded out:

Once blended in: you can see it leaves a faint moisturisering layer, it does not dry and disappear, there is something left on the skin. Leaves the skin with a very slight shine, but quickly disappears with makeup application.

Ohh and I love the way the Sofina Beaute line smells, it's sort of delicate and very clean scent.

The verdict? Unfortunately it's not suitable for my skin, that being said I get congested skin with about 90% of any moisturisers I use (so I often just use a serum or pat in a very thin layer of a thicker moisturisng cream). So I did experience congestion despite persisted use trying to see if my skin would adapt to this.  I'm now trying to finish the bottle as a body moisturiser (which is probably ok in summer and a bit weak in winter).

Overall 3/5. It's probably just me experiencing the minor congestion- I have not had any side effects with using the rest of the line including the toners, the facewash and sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF- so this could just be too rich for my skin (although it doesn't feel oily or thick on the skin).

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