Redken All Soft Velvet Whip Thermal Softening Treatment for Dry/ brittle Hair Review

Red Ken's All Soft line is targeted for those with dry hair and some frizziness.  While my scalp is probably healthy bordering slightly oily, my hair is a bit drier especially given I now dye it regularly.

The Velvet Whip Thermal Softening Treatment is meant to be applied to towel dried hair before you blowdry, as a genearl leave-in hair treatment. You can also use this on dry hair to tame away flyaways or light frizziness.

It's in a 150ml pump bottle. Unfortrunately sometimes after you don't use it for a day or two, any remaining product tend to dry a bit at the pump opening so you get some lumpy bits.

Product looks like this- the seemingly shimmery bits are actually just air bubbles in the product. It's a not too firm and not too thin light cream consistency. I use this much which is about 3 peas size. I tend to apply only to the ends of my hair rather than roots before blow drying.

It quickly disappears into hair, barely feel like I actually applied anything. It has a rather nice scent, a bit soft and flowery but not cloying.

Here's the before and after- I applied some on damp hair on one side of my head and didn't apply any on the other side, and blow dried.

I know you are probably thinking, hey the left side looks better, did I mis-label this? No. Actually there is very little difference between using this before blowdrying or not. Verdict is, I feel very little difference blowdrying whether with or without this.

Understably it's meant to be a bit of a heat protectant so maybe the effect is not immediately there, but I've gone through about 120ml out of the 150ml in the past year (Only use this because I'm trying to use it up) and really feel it doesn't do very much.

I know that this is the 2nd generation 'velvet whip' product - I've previously used the old velvet whip in 2009 and it was a lot better than this new version (actually felt like it treated my hair and left it soft).  So not impressed.

This retails about 25-30AUD in Australia depending on which salons you find.

Overall I generally only use it on dry hair in the mornings, use a far less amount and rub between my palms then lightly pat on flyaway hair, then smooth down to the ends, to tame the flyaway on my hair and it seems to work fine. However most of my other hair treatments would easily do just as much but leave me with considerably better feeling and softer hair.

I've also gone through a bottle of the All Soft shampoo and conditioner, and find them rather disappointing. I'd rather spend a bit more and get Kerastase instead.

Overall 2/5.

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