Chanel Irreelle Blush #80 TEA ROSE review/ swatch

I did a major clean up of my stash and threw out a lot of things which I had for a while to make room for new things and came across this old baby.

Do you ever read some random blog reviews and feel like you must have something?

Well a few years ago this happened to me and that was Chanel Irreelle blush in shade #80 tea rose.

I think the Irreelle blush line was continued a few years ago already. So the only one I could find was a tester on ebay. None the less I was happy I got to try this.

In the pan it looked lik a muted medium pink berry with a hint of peach undertone and a subtle glow.

It swatches like below. The irreelle formula was nothing like the joues contraste blushes which are more soft and powdery nowadays. It was a bit hard to pick up any color (and the surfaces go hard after a while making it even harder to pick up enough color with brushes).

You can see it's a subtle cheek color, almost melts into the skin on my arm- like a natural red pink glow.

It's a bit of soft red, pink and peach- flattering and natural.

Below is more heavily swatched with fingers. It picks up slight more red pink finish.

After years of makeup collection I was finally ok to let this go because makeup has came such a long way since the Chanel Irreelle blush times- you can find a lot more lovely blushes with better finishes nowadays.

Rating is 3/5.