Manicare Nail Polish remover review

Manicare Treating Nail Polish Remover comes in a plastic bottle with blue cap, 125ml is the largest size I could find in Priceline and retails for about 5-6AUD.

Ingredient list:

It removes polishes fairly well- however the proper way of removing a polish is still to use it on some medium with enough grip, like a cotton ball or cotton pad (instead of using tissue). Just put cotton ball on the bottle, tip bottle over a bit and soak the cotton ball up slightly, then press cotton ball against nails, wait for 5 seconds then swipe off. It takes me around 2-3 minutes to remove all polishes off my tips. Would be even quicker if it wasn't for me wearing topcoats with all my polishes.

A tad longer is needed when removing any polishes with more shimmers or glitters.

You can see I've used about 85% of the bottle already =) One bottle lasts me maybe 2-3 months which is fairly cheap consider I do wear on average about 1 -2 different color poilshes each week. 

Overall 5/5. Until I try and find something better it's unlikely I will switch anytime soon!