Kanebo Lunasol 2010 Spring makeup collection preview

I'm hoping to compile an order for Kanebo Lunasol 2010 Spring 'Nature' collection soon, the collection features themes with five spectacular: Ocean, Flower, Greenery, Sand, lands. Here are some press release photos I got hold of on the color shades and names. Click to see really big photos!
(please do not copy my photos, please provide direct link to this blogpage only).
Eyeshadow quads x 5:
#01 Nature Blue #02 Nature Green #03 Nature Brown #04 Nature Beige #05 Nature Colorful
Cheek colors trios (refill, compact and brush sold separately):
#05 Light Pink #06 Light Beige #07 Light Coral Lipgloss N: #17 Soft Coral #18 Soft yellow #19 Soft Beige #20 Clear #21 Soft pink Lipsticks #26 Orange Beige #27 Soft Coral Red #28 Soft Orange #29 Fresh Orange #30 Cool Beige #31 Red Brown #32 Sheer Beige #33 Pink Beige #34 Soft Pink #35 Shiny Pink Red Shiny Water Eyes (eyegloss/ liquid cream eyeshadow in a tube) EX01 Shining Blue EX02 Shining Green EX03 Shining Brown EX04 Shining Beige EX05 Shining Pink Lipliners duo: #07 Pink beige #08 Beige Orange #09 Pink Red


MAC Full of Grace Suntints Liquid Lip Balm SPF20 (Baby Bloom Collection 2009)

MAC Full of Grace Suntints Liquid Lip Balm is a limited edition product from the MAC Baby Bloom collection on 30 July 2009. Retails for 14.50USD. MAC Suntints are limited edition releases. They are truly more like tinted lipbalm than lipgloss, it doesn't have the typical tacky or thick texture you see in most lipglosses. The shade I picked was 'Full of Grace', which looked like the most pigmented medium pink shade available out of the collection, in fear of lack of pigmentation following reading reviews online. MAC describes the shade as a 'soft sheer rose' which is relatively accurate- I would say although it looks rosy in the tube it's more a pink though. MAC suntints lip balm comes in a squeeze plastic tube with slanted applicator, it contains 10ml and has SPF20. The packaging cannot be faulted in terms of convenience and ease of application, but it's not super appealing and a tad too plastic for me. Ingredients: The suntint itself smells a little bit sweet, like the lightest hint of vanilla, however if anyone's familiar with the scent Prada lipbalms, this smells and tastes almost exactly the same! There's that light sunscreen scent of some sort. I don't particular love it, but don't find it intrusive to the nose either. The shade 'Full of Grace' is a medium neutral pink, however once on the lips, it only gives the slightest pink tint. Swatch below under different lights. Photo of bare lips: (went hiking for a few days in New Zealand and suffered some serious chapping, lip still recovering so there are some discolourations). Photo with MAC full of grace suntints- can tell the light pigmentation means suntints does not entirely cover the uneveness in color. It gives my lips a very slight pink tint, neutral toned, not really warm and not really cool. I initially thought the shade had a tinge of mauve (which is a base shade I can never wear)- but on application it's just a true sheer pink. I like the wear and feel of the balm, it feels light, non-sticky, spreads easily and almost slightly plumps up my lips and blurs any lines. It is not sticky, does not wear off in gooey bits when I drink or talk. Wears off evenly. 10ml is really quite a generous amount since all you need is a small amount. It is also lightly moisturising- it feels fine on my super dry and sensitive lips even without another lipbalm underneath. Having a SPF during summer is always a plus too! The collection comes with a total of 5 suntint shades:
(left to right:) Lilt of Lily – Soft Creamy Pale Pink
Pinktinge – Clean Bright Yellow Pink with Gold Pearl
Full of Grace – Soft Sheer Rose
Just A Smidge – Soft Pastel Yellow with Multi-Coloured Pearl
Moist Plum – Light Lilac with Very Fine Pearl


Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Stick review

Shiseido Pureness mattifying Stick is basically a makeup primer for localised areas where you have enlarged pores. It's probably mainly for the t-zone or nose area to provide a smooth canvas before your foundation application. Housed in a lipstick-like silvery blue metal tube in a twist up mechanism.

Applies like a thin whiteish cast on the skin, it has a relatively fine consistency though:

Smoothed out- it definitely leaves a slight white cast (but should not be noticeable under foundations), it does help to smooth out small pores and just blurs any lines a little bit, but honestly if you have bigger pores on your nose this will not be able to fill it in much. This swatch is just on the back of my hand which has far smaller pores anyway.

Overall 2.5/5. There are just slightly better pore filler products out there. It does mattify a bit but with the white cast it's not like you can easily repair your makeup throughout the day by applying this on top.


Sofina Vital Rich Cream Moist review

Sofina and most other Japanese brands tend to have a revamped skincare line each year, however they are more or less the same as the prior year line, but just added with new ingreidents (whatever's trendy or revolutionary according to the makeup companies each year) and new packaging.

Sofina's 'Vital Rich' line is for mature skin. I only bought this because it was going for a bit of a discount. It's very very rare for me to use a moisturising cream, as I have probably the most irritatingly sensitive skin out there, that tends to breakout whenever the oil to water ratio is not balanced on my skin. So I did not expect to use this at all.

Last winter my skin was in a very angry state, it was very dry and peeling and yet my cheeks had the most horrible irritation bumps that sort of looks like congested skin but all the pimple treatment cream etc does not work on it. I think it was just sensitivity to something!

In desperation I got this, hoping to treat the dehydration before the congestion.

It's a small pot, probably was 25ml or 30ml. It's a velvety, luscious cream. It's not heavy or ultra rich, but it's creamy and light without being runny and unsubstantial looking.

Here it is on the skin, I take a pea sized amount and rub between my palms, then press onto my face. Anyone with irritated sensitive skin (but not dry skin) should try applying their moisturising creams this way. (Instead of rubbing the cream in which tends to sink into pores and irritate the skin, instead of just providing a gentle barrier to lock in moisture and hydration).

I used up the whole pot on and off after about 7 months, not sure if this is still available.

The benefit with sofina line is even if something discontinues, they usually replaced it with something better =) So simply look for one of the sofina moisturising cream in their current mature skin range and you could probably find a replacement easily.

Overall 5/5. This really did keep in the moisture in my skin without causing further irritation. It's very simple and basic. But that's quite rare for most moisturisers on me! (usually they just worsen the congestion).