Shiseido Pureness Mattifying Stick review

Shiseido Pureness mattifying Stick is basically a makeup primer for localised areas where you have enlarged pores. It's probably mainly for the t-zone or nose area to provide a smooth canvas before your foundation application. Housed in a lipstick-like silvery blue metal tube in a twist up mechanism.

Applies like a thin whiteish cast on the skin, it has a relatively fine consistency though:

Smoothed out- it definitely leaves a slight white cast (but should not be noticeable under foundations), it does help to smooth out small pores and just blurs any lines a little bit, but honestly if you have bigger pores on your nose this will not be able to fill it in much. This swatch is just on the back of my hand which has far smaller pores anyway.

Overall 2.5/5. There are just slightly better pore filler products out there. It does mattify a bit but with the white cast it's not like you can easily repair your makeup throughout the day by applying this on top.

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