Anna Sui Dolly Girl Lil' Starlet Nail Color #01 Liz (2008 Summer holiday)

Anna Sui 2008 summer holiday collection nail color, released in Taiwan May 9th 2008. These are $590NT (18USD) for a set of 3, each bottle is 7.9ml (smaller than usual size of 10ml which retails for $500NT (approx 15USD).
Unfortunately I only managed to get 1 of them, which is #01 "Liz", the pink star featuring a crystal pink as base color, with silvery pearl shine and large pink flakes.
The other two color descriptions based on Chinese infos I found:
#02 Clara is the flamey red star, features fire red with pink pearl shine and large pink flakes.
#03 Myrna is the gold star, with a golden base tone and golden pearl shine and flakes.
(colors from left to right #01, #02, #03).
I think I can finally get back to posting...some crazy work and study commitments really took up a lot of my time (in addition to by holiday back to Taiwan! not many cosmetics purchases surprisingly though!). Apologies to any blog followers :)
A quick and easy post about an Anna Sui nail color (followed by my previous post about Shu Uemura nail color for a reason).
The bottle has a cute Anna Sui doll on the print (personally I've never really been into Anna Sui dolls..they look a tad...creepy? to me...I'm more fond of the Stila girls to be honest). The bottle is different to the old design in the potion vial shaped design, or the new nail color design in the pretty rose bottle, it's just a plain round bottle now.
Now the color, it's a sugary pink with very even metallic reflective shimmers throughout, it's very fine, a bit like the base shimmer in various OPI shades like, 'Princesses Rule!' and "Cozu melted in the sun" etc, sort of foiled metallic finish. The only twist is it also has fine glitters inside, then also large round silvery rainbowy glitters for an ultimate glamour bamm!
While the pink is a bit standard, but the varying sized shimmers (they are actually 3 uniform varying sizes- the metallic foil shimmer -> the fine glitters -> larger circular glitter flakes. This gives a great dimension to the polish, with a topcoat applied over it, it still looks glossy and very glamorous-princess sort of look.
Two coats with Seche vite top coat, indoor flash:
I thought the pink base reminds me a little bit of the OPI 'Cherry Blossom' color, but on further inspection the OPI one is more subdued and low profile sort of spring color (nevertheless, it does sparkle a little bit!), while the Anna Sui one is a tad more vibrant and summer-like.
OPI here:
The shimmers and glitters in #01 Liz nail color is quite similar to the silvery color in the Shu Uemura Phantasm nail color trio collection "glitter" shade (another LE), featuring silvery glitters and circular glitter flakes etc, other than it is more wearable on its own since there is sufficient base color.
On my nails you can see two coats gives great opacity to the pink tones.
Overall excellent quality polish, fast drying, layers easily, despite the larger looking flakes, they adhere to the nails well and still managers to apply in a smooth layer. With topcoat it looks glossy, however due to the size of the larger glitter flakes it will feel a tiny bit bumpy on the nails when you touch it (not annoyingly bumpy though).
Thumbs up, I've been wearing this to work for a few days (not out to client) and it's understated enough not to look tacky, while glamorous enough to receive a few compliments. This was an limited edition release so might be a bit harder to find though.
Features signature Anna Sui rose scent (it actually masks any traditional polish odour, I can smell the rose scent for at least a full day later on my finger tips even after showers etc )
The summer collection also features 3 lipcolors (#01 Liz, pink, #02 Clara, red, #03 Myrna, gold, all have simlar color descriptions to the nail colors, e.g. pink base with silver shimmers or red with pink and silver shimmers or gold with loads of golden shimmers), and 3 mascaras (lengthening, curling, separation).
Pics courtesy of iswii.net