Liese Hair Bubble Color Dye Dark Chocolat (Chocolate) review/ swatch

(I feel I should bump this post up with updated hair color pictures as it has certainly changed!). Scroll to bottom for updated pics.

Here's another bubble hair dye review- this time it's Liese's "Dark Chocolat". Liese is very similar to Prettia- I suspect it's just marked under a different name for HK and Taiwan.  (Both Prettia and Liese belongs to the Kao group, both are made in Japan).

(This one was purchased from HK).

Personally I wasn't a real fan of the model's hair color on the box as she clearly has streaks through it- hardly accurate representation of "Dark chocolate".

Here's the top of box which indicates what the dyed hair color should look like.

Other bits of the box (click to enlarge).

Contents- pretty much exactly the same as the Prettia line.
Application instructions- basically just add the small bottle into the big bottle, then gently shake (without foaming it up) like 5 times, then put the pink nozzle head on. Squeeze bottle to apply foam to dry hair.

Leave for 30 min. Then rinse thoroughly and shampoo. Then follow with the leave-in conditioner sachet in the box.

Here's my BEFORE hair- I took a photo next to the color chart, the finishing color depends on your hair color before the dye. 

Here are more BEFORE hair shots, my original color was the Loreal Sublime Mousse in 41 Bitter dark chocolate, dyed about 8-10 weeks ago, however it's not really accurate representation or Loreal's color since I have since touched up my roots with Salon de Pro root touch up dye in shade 3. So it's a bit more brown that what Loreal alone would be.

Here is the Liese hair bubble dye on application- it produced a nice even foam. It does stink though (just typical hair dye smell). I got an excellent foam finish today which I would probably attribute to the right temperature (mildly warm here like 25 degrees) rather than the product, as I have used Liese and Prettia before and each time the condition of the foam always varied. I find it's best to use these bubble hair dye when it's slightly warmer (but not too hot). 

 Here's my hair AFTER, this lighting/ angle is as dark as it can look.

Here it picks up more dark dark chocolate tone.

Here is as light as it can look under different lights. This is probably what the box color looks like.

Top of my head- I still got a healthy shine. It looks like a good dark chocolate brown I wanted.

Another one under different light.

In summary, under indoor lights it look very darkish brown black, (mostly due to my previous hair color and my natural hair color being dark anyway). However under the sun and other lighting it gives a nice choocolate brown. It's not an "ash" based color but there is no visible red tone or yellow tone either, it's staying a true chocolate brown at least for the first week. The overall finish was rather even, not perfectly even but I didn't mind because it looked more natural and not as flat. (I would mind if it looked "blotchy" uneven but the root coverage is quite even at least on top of the head, along the front hairline and crown of the head).

As with most Liese and Prettia bubble dye, they are not designed to mask grey hair- in fact while they might mask your grey hair initially, as it fades the grey hair coverage actually decreases so after 4 weeks you might often find "what how did my grey hair grow so quickly again", when it is just caused by a bit of new growth plus the hair dye having worn off.

I got decent grey coverage out of this at least for the first week so far. I shall report back if it disappoints otherwise.

Overall it is 4/5 for the product and finish. After the hair dye I didn't feel much deterioration in my hair condition, however as usual with post hair dye I always use hair masques (Kerastase) a lot more frequently to repair any potential damage.

Updated after about two and half weeks after initial dye:

I forgot how fast the Liese hair color fades. Here's the color after two and half weeks- I took the pics under similar light conditions as previously but it is a lot harder to get the "dark hair" shots like before and most pictures turn out with the following shade.

It's still a dark chocolate but not as blackened. I still like the color although it is definitely more obvious when regrowths come out, I can see a clear distinction on where I part my hair on the regrowth black hair vs the dyed brown hair part. Liese and Prettia hair color does fade rather fast!

Stash visit- Guerlain Rouge G/ Serie Noire/ Kiss Kiss Lipsticks reviews

A quick stash visit again to various Guerlain lipsticks.

Guerlain Rouge Serie Noire #70 Fuschia 

It's a medium brightened pink (without being full fuschia, but it is still bright), it's creamy and glossy and applies like a dream. There's a slight shimmer in the same color base. Comes in a black tube packaging (not sure if it's limited edition to this collection only).  2011 as well.

Rouge G B64 Bee below- this was limited edition from 2011 with the Bee collection.
It's a medium plum (buildable to full coverage) with slightly golden shimmers. It's really creamy but still retains a light shine.

 You can see the golden bit on the handle is actually a bee design. 

Guerlain Rouge G #25 Garconne- a true creamy neutral/ cool toned red. It's creamy and glossy and shiny and without shimmers.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass Brilliance Crystal #323 Rouge Imperial
Ruby scarlet red, deep jewel toned, buildable to quite a dark shade. This is the kiss kiss strass series which has more "sparkly" finish, richer shimmers, but not metallic.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss 520 Red Booster- it's a bit flatter than Kiss Kiss strass and while it is satiny finish, definitely not as shiny as all the other Guerlain lipsticks.  A red with slightly golden pearly sheen. I found this to be a bit drier.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass #363 Rose de Larine
Again the Kiss Kiss Strass series are very sparkly and shimmery - it's a beautiful beiged medium pink base with silver shimmers. Unfortunately the silver shimmers just doesn't work on my skintone and end up looking a bit ghastly on me.

Overall thoughts are the Guerlain Rouge G series are a lot better than the normal Kiss Kiss lipsticks (other than the Kiss Kiss balms which I haven't linked any above, they are really lovely as a daily light lip tint that is rather moisturising). However I still don't feel Rouge G are worth the pricetags- they are just way too steep for a lipstick.

The kiss kiss lipisticks are usually a little bit drier, and some shades can be a bit too shimmery or sparkly and looks gritty on the lips (while they feel fine on the lips in reality, just look a bit too shimmery).


Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush OR (Gold) 2011 Review/ swatch

Chanel "OR" was released at least twice I believe, it was previously powder blush d'or a few years back as a limited edition highlighter, then it is now released as a joues contraste "Or" along with the "Rouge" joues contraste in 2011. I'm reviewing this given it's Chinese New Year and gold seems like a very festive color =)

They do not have a color code name before the name as both "Or" and 'Rouge" are limited edition shades.

It is packaged the same as Chanel Joues contraste blushes, comes with a sleek black compact and a medium sized portable brush. 

I didn't end up keeping the original powder dor a few years back and gave it away I think- because I felt it was so chunky shimmers and barely had color payoffs. While the Joues Contraste OR looks the same in the compact, I have to admit the shimmer chunk size has improved and seems smaller. It's not as small and refined as like Guerlain meteorite perles but it is definitely more workable and not looking glittery on the face. The color base also shows through better as a true gold.

Swatches above.  It is a true light gold- you can see it does look a bit yellow on my skintone which makes it a bit harder to use for me. I usually use a super light dusting over a coral blush to enhance the glow etc. However it does not work as a blush on it own- it'll look too yellow on most people. It has buildable coverage and you can get better color payoff on layering, but I would really classify this more as a highlighter than blush due to its inherent color.

p.s. this one I have is made in France ( not sure if this blush comes in Made in USA versions too).

Overall 3/5. Not really worth tracking down to collect or anything.


Sofina Beaute Deep Moisture Cream review/ swatch (Kaop Corporation)

Sofina Beaute Deep Moisture Cream was only added to the Sofina Beaute line around 2011. It's meant to be the more "moisturising" cream out of the line (rest of the line otherwise contains mostly moisturising lotions in the pale blue packaging so far).

Comes in a beautiful, simplistic pink jar. Screw top.
Product size is 50g, retails between 30-45USD I believe. You can however often find Sofina line heavily discounted in drugstores in Japan, like 20-30% off.

here's the inside of the box. I like on the the right flap, there's an oval drawing, which shows you how much is the recommended usage size, which is meant to be a bean size. (please ignore the glass capsules inside the paper box, I use the box to store my Dr Hauschka rythmic night conditioner capsules, which I shall review eventually too.

Here's the sofina beaute deep moisture cream.  A brand new jar would be filled about 95% full, not to the rim. Mine is down to 80% after a few months use.

Here's swatch- you can see it's a lighter cream consistency, almost whipped. It's not so light as to feel like nothing on the skin, yet not too oily as to feel like a thick greasy layer. Just the right consistency for my skin (sensitive, mildly dry at times but sometimes oily t-zone).

Blended in: it leaves a very nice velvety finish. Can go slightly shiny if you use it alone for the day. Usually I use this as a night cream only.

My skin naturally really hates moisturisers ( whether lotion, milk or cream), so it has been quite difficult to find the right moisturiser for me. I often get really congested skin if I use a cream or lotion moisturiser consistently, then breakout easily. So over the years I actually just use a more moisturising toner then followed by skincare serum, and skip general milky moisturisers or creams altogether.

However as I'm getting older towards late 20s, I find my skin does become drier at times and if I use serums alone for the whole week, I tend to get slightly flaky or peely dryness. This is where some moisturising creams came in. I use it only when I feel I need an extra boost of moisture (which can range from twice a week or once a fortnight even).

I used to use this other Sofina moisturiser (from the Vital Rich line which might be discontinued). I thought this Sofina Beaute moisture cream might be similar, it is. Just even better, minus the richness and slight grease feeling the Vital Rich sometimes left me.

It has a very light scent that is rather pleasant and disappears quickly. Next morning I wake up with more hydrated skin and any flakes tend to be a lot better.

Recommended for those who use occasional moisturising creams but doesn't have super dry skin. I use a pea sized amount, then use my palm to warm it up, then press my palms over my cheeks and other dry areas. I only apply on my t-zone if I'm actually peeling or something.

Overall 5/5. Simple moisturising cream with a good pricetag and pleasant to use, can't really ask for more. Sometimes I really just need a simple moisturiser without bothering about all these other whitening effect or anti aging etc etc.


IPSA x Keiko Itakura Limited Edition 25 year anniversary Body Care Bouquet review (2011)

Here's one of my very few Christmas limited edition purchases from IPSA (I didn't really find too many Christmas LE items that excite me in 2011, but given I do go through body creams and bodywash regularly it seems like better purchase than yet another lipgloss or something). It retails for 5250Yen which is like 65USD but was meant to include a pair of rose indoor slippers (online seller I bought this from didn't include it anyway). I paid below RRP (no don't think I would have paid the full 65USD for it).

It features design in collaboration with keiko Itakura. It's a fuschia pink bottle/ tub with gold prints ( I think they are flowers), but honestly I didn't feel the design was all that special or pretty or cute. 

It comes in a 180g body cream and 350ml bodywash. Substantial amount.

Here's the body cream:

It's in a screw-top tub. The cream is a super super pale pink white. (It might just be white and is just showing a bit of the color reflection of the tub or something). It has a beautiful sort of creamy yet light consistency. It doesn't feel balmy or thick or greasy.

Swatch- a small amount

Spreaded out- leaves skin nicely moisturised , next morning I do feel softer skin and hydrated. It doesn't leave a greasy shine, yet doesn't just disappear like a lot of the runnier body lotions.  It has a very very light fruity scent with a touch of citrus (maybe like a grapefruit or something, not orange or lemon or lime).

I checked the Chinese website and it supposedly contains 25 scents! (in line with the 25 anniversary idea)

Including: yuzu, green apple, bitter orange, orange, 7 types of roses being Princess Rose, white rose, purple rose, Damascus rose, blue rose, tea, rose and rose wood, then jasmin, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, peony, sweet pea flowers, Rui flowers, lilac and iris
The base note is meant to be (light floral and fruity), also has White musk, musk, amber foolish, Vanilla and Sandalwood cloud.

Ok I'm truely amazed if it contains this many scents because it smells REALLY light (in a good way), refreshing and non-cloying, just the right touch of sweetness and citrus.

After application (left a part not fully blended in).

The body wash is of the same note / scent and lathers into a nice foam easily. It is pretty standard, doesn't leave my skin tight and dry but just a nice, easy to use bodywash.

If you can find this set for cheap online somewhere, do recommend it. I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for it though.

Overall 4/5. I would repurchase the body cream if it was ever part of regular collection (and maybe at below 20USD RRP price or something, 180g isn't a whole lot). Body wash- not unless it was fairly cheap too.