Liese Hair Bubble Color Dye Dark Chocolat (Chocolate) review/ swatch

(I feel I should bump this post up with updated hair color pictures as it has certainly changed!). Scroll to bottom for updated pics.

Here's another bubble hair dye review- this time it's Liese's "Dark Chocolat". Liese is very similar to Prettia- I suspect it's just marked under a different name for HK and Taiwan.  (Both Prettia and Liese belongs to the Kao group, both are made in Japan).

(This one was purchased from HK).

Personally I wasn't a real fan of the model's hair color on the box as she clearly has streaks through it- hardly accurate representation of "Dark chocolate".

Here's the top of box which indicates what the dyed hair color should look like.

Other bits of the box (click to enlarge).

Contents- pretty much exactly the same as the Prettia line.
Application instructions- basically just add the small bottle into the big bottle, then gently shake (without foaming it up) like 5 times, then put the pink nozzle head on. Squeeze bottle to apply foam to dry hair.

Leave for 30 min. Then rinse thoroughly and shampoo. Then follow with the leave-in conditioner sachet in the box.

Here's my BEFORE hair- I took a photo next to the color chart, the finishing color depends on your hair color before the dye. 

Here are more BEFORE hair shots, my original color was the Loreal Sublime Mousse in 41 Bitter dark chocolate, dyed about 8-10 weeks ago, however it's not really accurate representation or Loreal's color since I have since touched up my roots with Salon de Pro root touch up dye in shade 3. So it's a bit more brown that what Loreal alone would be.

Here is the Liese hair bubble dye on application- it produced a nice even foam. It does stink though (just typical hair dye smell). I got an excellent foam finish today which I would probably attribute to the right temperature (mildly warm here like 25 degrees) rather than the product, as I have used Liese and Prettia before and each time the condition of the foam always varied. I find it's best to use these bubble hair dye when it's slightly warmer (but not too hot). 

 Here's my hair AFTER, this lighting/ angle is as dark as it can look.

Here it picks up more dark dark chocolate tone.

Here is as light as it can look under different lights. This is probably what the box color looks like.

Top of my head- I still got a healthy shine. It looks like a good dark chocolate brown I wanted.

Another one under different light.

In summary, under indoor lights it look very darkish brown black, (mostly due to my previous hair color and my natural hair color being dark anyway). However under the sun and other lighting it gives a nice choocolate brown. It's not an "ash" based color but there is no visible red tone or yellow tone either, it's staying a true chocolate brown at least for the first week. The overall finish was rather even, not perfectly even but I didn't mind because it looked more natural and not as flat. (I would mind if it looked "blotchy" uneven but the root coverage is quite even at least on top of the head, along the front hairline and crown of the head).

As with most Liese and Prettia bubble dye, they are not designed to mask grey hair- in fact while they might mask your grey hair initially, as it fades the grey hair coverage actually decreases so after 4 weeks you might often find "what how did my grey hair grow so quickly again", when it is just caused by a bit of new growth plus the hair dye having worn off.

I got decent grey coverage out of this at least for the first week so far. I shall report back if it disappoints otherwise.

Overall it is 4/5 for the product and finish. After the hair dye I didn't feel much deterioration in my hair condition, however as usual with post hair dye I always use hair masques (Kerastase) a lot more frequently to repair any potential damage.

Updated after about two and half weeks after initial dye:

I forgot how fast the Liese hair color fades. Here's the color after two and half weeks- I took the pics under similar light conditions as previously but it is a lot harder to get the "dark hair" shots like before and most pictures turn out with the following shade.

It's still a dark chocolate but not as blackened. I still like the color although it is definitely more obvious when regrowths come out, I can see a clear distinction on where I part my hair on the regrowth black hair vs the dyed brown hair part. Liese and Prettia hair color does fade rather fast!


Kristy said...

Your hair looks really nice. The brown really showed as well. Did you have light colour before? I like how even after a few wash the colour is still dark chocolate.

Wombat said...

Hi Kristy,

Thank you =) My hair was actually a similar dark color before (or black at the root regrowth part), I do think if you leave this a bit longer you get a decent color payoff. This is not the darkest color in the range I think (there's still some near black and super brown shade above).