Chanel Precision Masque Purete Express Instant Purifying Mask review

Here's the Chanel Precision Masque Purete Express- I've had this for about 18 months and finally about to finish this so thought it was very worthy of review.

It comes in a 75ml squeeze tube, with a twist off black cap.

The directions for use says to apply to clean face, leave for 5-10 minutes then rinse off.

The mask is a very very pale greenish white clay consistency. Here's what it looks like during application. It doesn't dry to the extent of "cracking" like some other clay masks (e.g. mint julep masks). It has a very light pleasant scent. The mask has a smooth creamy clay consistency and spreads very easily into a thin layer, without balling or clumping up or apply unevenly. It is just the perfect consistency- not too hard, not too runny. Only a thin layer is needed. I usually just apply enough to cover the pores, I apply this on T-zone and chin and forehead but skip the very side of cheek etc where it's drier. 

Here's a before and after. Yes this is a bit of a sacrifice as I used full flash photography plus the macro function which will show you all my pores, but all in the name of responsible beauty blogging.

I cleansed my skin well, then pat dry, then apply mask, and left on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. It rinses off quite easily.

After washing off my skin feels refreshed and pores look a bit cleaner and definitely the skin is mattified. However it is not intensely dry and uncomfortable or itchy.

I usually apply a very light cream moisturiser then go to bed. The next morning I get the slightly blurred pores effect and less clogged looking skin etc and skin feels smoother, more polished and slightly more radiant.

It is not a miracle mask- the main active ingredient is a light dose of salycylic acid - it must be a low dose since I never experience irritation. Coupled with the nice clay inside it helps to draw out oils and reduces any clogged pores. It doesn't cure active pimples but does dry them up slightly.

Will not be a miracle worker for those with super oily skin or active acne, but this is really nice for those with normal or even slightly sensitive skin since it feels so gentle and non-stripping for the skin. I have many cleansing masks but as time has proven, I do go to this one consistently.

Overall 5/5. If I could ever finish my other cleansing masks I might go back and repurchase this.

p.s. I went to a spa treatment last weekend which included a facial- they used this brand called "Sodashi" white clay mask, it felt similar and really nice on the skin too. I was quite curious about it and thought if it's cheaper than this Chanel mask I might make it my next mask purchase.

However after leaving the spa I attempted to google it and found it online for like over 100USD a pot. What the!  Probably means I'll stick with Chanel.

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