Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush OR (Gold) 2011 Review/ swatch

Chanel "OR" was released at least twice I believe, it was previously powder blush d'or a few years back as a limited edition highlighter, then it is now released as a joues contraste "Or" along with the "Rouge" joues contraste in 2011. I'm reviewing this given it's Chinese New Year and gold seems like a very festive color =)

They do not have a color code name before the name as both "Or" and 'Rouge" are limited edition shades.

It is packaged the same as Chanel Joues contraste blushes, comes with a sleek black compact and a medium sized portable brush. 

I didn't end up keeping the original powder dor a few years back and gave it away I think- because I felt it was so chunky shimmers and barely had color payoffs. While the Joues Contraste OR looks the same in the compact, I have to admit the shimmer chunk size has improved and seems smaller. It's not as small and refined as like Guerlain meteorite perles but it is definitely more workable and not looking glittery on the face. The color base also shows through better as a true gold.

Swatches above.  It is a true light gold- you can see it does look a bit yellow on my skintone which makes it a bit harder to use for me. I usually use a super light dusting over a coral blush to enhance the glow etc. However it does not work as a blush on it own- it'll look too yellow on most people. It has buildable coverage and you can get better color payoff on layering, but I would really classify this more as a highlighter than blush due to its inherent color.

p.s. this one I have is made in France ( not sure if this blush comes in Made in USA versions too).

Overall 3/5. Not really worth tracking down to collect or anything.

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