Stash visit- Armani Sheer lipsticks #34,35,36 and Shine Lipsticks 53,54,55 (2010 Tokyo Coral collection) reviews

Here's a quick line up of the Armani lipsticks from 2010/2011

Sheer 34 Sienna
Sheer 35 Burnt Coral
Sheer 36 Sunset pink
Shine Lipsticks 53,54,55 (are all from the Tokyo Corals collection from 2010- I cannot find color names matching to the color codes anywhere, Armani doesn't print the color names on the lipsticks either)

Sheer 34 Sienna below- it's a sheer browned-red, not quick brick red but a bit of an understated brown red

Sheer 35 Burnt Coral below: it's a reddish coral on the deeper side, not as much orange as I imagine to really fit into the coral family. Again can be sheered out to a light red coral tint- definitely more on a sheer red tint side but not a true red.

Sheer 36 Sunset pink below: it's very delicate sort of sheer medium pink with a touch of peach.

Shine 53 below: a pink with very slight mauve, but not enough purple to make it look like death on my lips, very wearable, it's lighter on the lips.

Shine 53 below- a soft berry pink

Shine 55 below- quite a vibrant orange, it's quite true orange in color, not as scary as the Rouge d'armani 405 in Tibet or something which is even brighter and more pigmented than this. I usually can only wear this under another lipgloss to tone down the vibrancy of the shade.

To be honest I cannot feel too much difference between some of the Armani lipstick families, like Shine and Sheer lipsticks feel very similar to me (Rouge D'armani line however is more pigmented and glides on smoother). Both the Shine and Sheer lipsticks for me are slightly glossy and swatches on the sheer side, of course the darker shades have better pigmentation, but the lighter shades never just 'disappear' on my lips but still gives some nice color.


Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE Armani Lipsticks! Thanks for the post!

Haru said...

Your pics are wonderfully clear and make the lipsticks all look so tempting!

Wombat said...

Thanks Haru =) I only wish my swatches were just as clear haha then I'd be swatching a bit more!