IPSA x Keiko Itakura Limited Edition 25 year anniversary Body Care Bouquet review (2011)

Here's one of my very few Christmas limited edition purchases from IPSA (I didn't really find too many Christmas LE items that excite me in 2011, but given I do go through body creams and bodywash regularly it seems like better purchase than yet another lipgloss or something). It retails for 5250Yen which is like 65USD but was meant to include a pair of rose indoor slippers (online seller I bought this from didn't include it anyway). I paid below RRP (no don't think I would have paid the full 65USD for it).

It features design in collaboration with keiko Itakura. It's a fuschia pink bottle/ tub with gold prints ( I think they are flowers), but honestly I didn't feel the design was all that special or pretty or cute. 

It comes in a 180g body cream and 350ml bodywash. Substantial amount.

Here's the body cream:

It's in a screw-top tub. The cream is a super super pale pink white. (It might just be white and is just showing a bit of the color reflection of the tub or something). It has a beautiful sort of creamy yet light consistency. It doesn't feel balmy or thick or greasy.

Swatch- a small amount

Spreaded out- leaves skin nicely moisturised , next morning I do feel softer skin and hydrated. It doesn't leave a greasy shine, yet doesn't just disappear like a lot of the runnier body lotions.  It has a very very light fruity scent with a touch of citrus (maybe like a grapefruit or something, not orange or lemon or lime).

I checked the Chinese website and it supposedly contains 25 scents! (in line with the 25 anniversary idea)

Including: yuzu, green apple, bitter orange, orange, 7 types of roses being Princess Rose, white rose, purple rose, Damascus rose, blue rose, tea, rose and rose wood, then jasmin, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, peony, sweet pea flowers, Rui flowers, lilac and iris
The base note is meant to be (light floral and fruity), also has White musk, musk, amber foolish, Vanilla and Sandalwood cloud.

Ok I'm truely amazed if it contains this many scents because it smells REALLY light (in a good way), refreshing and non-cloying, just the right touch of sweetness and citrus.

After application (left a part not fully blended in).

The body wash is of the same note / scent and lathers into a nice foam easily. It is pretty standard, doesn't leave my skin tight and dry but just a nice, easy to use bodywash.

If you can find this set for cheap online somewhere, do recommend it. I wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for it though.

Overall 4/5. I would repurchase the body cream if it was ever part of regular collection (and maybe at below 20USD RRP price or something, 180g isn't a whole lot). Body wash- not unless it was fairly cheap too.

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