Hada Labo Gokujyun Lip Balm review

Hada Labo Gokujyun started initially with a few skincare items (particularly the hyalruonic acid toners  and moisturisers which were massive hits) then gradually expanded to include other items.

I purchased this one from HK (I was in Japan earlier but didn't see this in stores so not sure whether it's available across the whole of Asia). It was fairly cheap like around $5USD or under.

Comes in a simple plastic box. Content is 3.5g in a standard twist-up lipbalm tube. Comes with SPF15.

Here it is- looks like a clearish white lipbalm. 

Swatched- there's a slight shine.

Overall I would actually give this lipbalm 5/5. It's actually rather moisturising, which is rare for a chapstick style lipbalm sold in drugstores.  (for me it feels more moisturising than Burt's bees lipbalm, Carmex and Neutrogena lip conditioner , and most mentholatum chapstick style lipbalms, just to name a few).  It won't be a miracle cure for chapped lips but it does help my lips stay non irritated and hydrated which is really all I can ask for in a lipbalm.

It has a very light scent, a bit like a general sunscreen scent in lipbalms due to the SPF15 content. It doesn't taste like anything which is good.  During warmer weather it doesn't completly melt off but does go softer, and has a slightly higher tendency to "crumble" a bit more (so you might get a chunkier bit on the lips), though it's not too much a worry.

One light swipe gives enough coverage and my lips stay moisturised for at least 3-4 hours. Like most softer lipbalms applying too much can result in a slightly "balmy" look or white cast, but when used lightly this just glides on. Lipstick goes on better after using this lipbalm. 

I would definitely repurchase.

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