Stash visit- Guerlain Rouge G/ Serie Noire/ Kiss Kiss Lipsticks reviews

A quick stash visit again to various Guerlain lipsticks.

Guerlain Rouge Serie Noire #70 Fuschia 

It's a medium brightened pink (without being full fuschia, but it is still bright), it's creamy and glossy and applies like a dream. There's a slight shimmer in the same color base. Comes in a black tube packaging (not sure if it's limited edition to this collection only).  2011 as well.

Rouge G B64 Bee below- this was limited edition from 2011 with the Bee collection.
It's a medium plum (buildable to full coverage) with slightly golden shimmers. It's really creamy but still retains a light shine.

 You can see the golden bit on the handle is actually a bee design. 

Guerlain Rouge G #25 Garconne- a true creamy neutral/ cool toned red. It's creamy and glossy and shiny and without shimmers.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass Brilliance Crystal #323 Rouge Imperial
Ruby scarlet red, deep jewel toned, buildable to quite a dark shade. This is the kiss kiss strass series which has more "sparkly" finish, richer shimmers, but not metallic.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss 520 Red Booster- it's a bit flatter than Kiss Kiss strass and while it is satiny finish, definitely not as shiny as all the other Guerlain lipsticks.  A red with slightly golden pearly sheen. I found this to be a bit drier.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Strass #363 Rose de Larine
Again the Kiss Kiss Strass series are very sparkly and shimmery - it's a beautiful beiged medium pink base with silver shimmers. Unfortunately the silver shimmers just doesn't work on my skintone and end up looking a bit ghastly on me.

Overall thoughts are the Guerlain Rouge G series are a lot better than the normal Kiss Kiss lipsticks (other than the Kiss Kiss balms which I haven't linked any above, they are really lovely as a daily light lip tint that is rather moisturising). However I still don't feel Rouge G are worth the pricetags- they are just way too steep for a lipstick.

The kiss kiss lipisticks are usually a little bit drier, and some shades can be a bit too shimmery or sparkly and looks gritty on the lips (while they feel fine on the lips in reality, just look a bit too shimmery).

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Jamilla Camel said...

I love Guerlain lipsticks, especially Rouge G!