Selena Puff 2 way cotton review

Personally I think makeup cotton must be one of those must have day-to-day beauty supply items. It is quite incredible how expensive things are in Australia at times, in my local stores often the only selection for cottons are just Johnson & Johnson (at like $6AUD a box) or some no name made in China brand that cost $4AUD a box but is scratchy and too thick.

I don't really like the J&J ones either because they tend to be quite thick and absorbs way too much toner and which really just wastes my toner. Then again, you don't want cotton that's too thin and falls apart when you use it.

Honestly the Japanese people make the best makeup cottons. Most random brands I've tried from Japan are absolutely awesome. They are lint free, comes in like all different types (from the large cotton squares to ones you can peel apart to use with lotions to use as a quick sheet mask, to normal day to day ones like this).

Selena Puff contains 90 pieces per box, is made in Japan, and think I got this from some random Chinatown store for about $4 or 5AUD.

They are called 2-way puffs because one side is smooth like below,

The other side has more visible pressed pattern and is slightly 'rougher' (but still feels good on my sensitive skin). This means you can apply toner with the rough side, apply to face and get rid of any makeup residue, flip it around with the smoother side and wipe your face again for a more refined minor exfoliation that feels so soft on the skin.

The rough side is also fantastic for removing nailpolish with glitters or shimmers since you need something with a bit more grip.

Overall 5/5.