Malin + Goetz Vitamin b5 Hand Treatment (hand cream) review

Malin + Goetz always comes with such simply packagings with different colored letterings for the product names.

Here's a review of their hand cream which features vitamin B5 (1%) , almond extract and botanical fatty acids. Comes in 48g tube and is just the right size for handbag.

It's in a simple squeezed tube opening (screw top cap).

 It's a white hand cream consistency, it's not very fluid but definitely not balmy either. It's more a thicker cream finish but is not greasy (the packaging does say it's meant to be oil-free). The scent is a very light botanical scent with a hint of floral. It's not a super strong scent (I usually prefer unscented hand cream, since after application, the natural temperature of your hand tends to make any scent a lot stronger).

Spreaded out- you can see it does not leave a greasy shine. However it leaves a nice "coated" feel to your hands without feeling sticky.

Overall 4/5 , I like how this is a nourishing hand cream without being thick and unbreathable for my hands. I do wish it was unscented though. Moisturising property is medium to quite moisturising, in terms of repairing cuticles, I never found hand cream to be all that much of a substitute to proper cuticle oil or other treatments. This one nonetheless will not repair bad cuticles but more like help product your nails from overly dryness.

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