Sofina Beaute Deep Moisture Cream review/ swatch (Kaop Corporation)

Sofina Beaute Deep Moisture Cream was only added to the Sofina Beaute line around 2011. It's meant to be the more "moisturising" cream out of the line (rest of the line otherwise contains mostly moisturising lotions in the pale blue packaging so far).

Comes in a beautiful, simplistic pink jar. Screw top.
Product size is 50g, retails between 30-45USD I believe. You can however often find Sofina line heavily discounted in drugstores in Japan, like 20-30% off.

here's the inside of the box. I like on the the right flap, there's an oval drawing, which shows you how much is the recommended usage size, which is meant to be a bean size. (please ignore the glass capsules inside the paper box, I use the box to store my Dr Hauschka rythmic night conditioner capsules, which I shall review eventually too.

Here's the sofina beaute deep moisture cream.  A brand new jar would be filled about 95% full, not to the rim. Mine is down to 80% after a few months use.

Here's swatch- you can see it's a lighter cream consistency, almost whipped. It's not so light as to feel like nothing on the skin, yet not too oily as to feel like a thick greasy layer. Just the right consistency for my skin (sensitive, mildly dry at times but sometimes oily t-zone).

Blended in: it leaves a very nice velvety finish. Can go slightly shiny if you use it alone for the day. Usually I use this as a night cream only.

My skin naturally really hates moisturisers ( whether lotion, milk or cream), so it has been quite difficult to find the right moisturiser for me. I often get really congested skin if I use a cream or lotion moisturiser consistently, then breakout easily. So over the years I actually just use a more moisturising toner then followed by skincare serum, and skip general milky moisturisers or creams altogether.

However as I'm getting older towards late 20s, I find my skin does become drier at times and if I use serums alone for the whole week, I tend to get slightly flaky or peely dryness. This is where some moisturising creams came in. I use it only when I feel I need an extra boost of moisture (which can range from twice a week or once a fortnight even).

I used to use this other Sofina moisturiser (from the Vital Rich line which might be discontinued). I thought this Sofina Beaute moisture cream might be similar, it is. Just even better, minus the richness and slight grease feeling the Vital Rich sometimes left me.

It has a very light scent that is rather pleasant and disappears quickly. Next morning I wake up with more hydrated skin and any flakes tend to be a lot better.

Recommended for those who use occasional moisturising creams but doesn't have super dry skin. I use a pea sized amount, then use my palm to warm it up, then press my palms over my cheeks and other dry areas. I only apply on my t-zone if I'm actually peeling or something.

Overall 5/5. Simple moisturising cream with a good pricetag and pleasant to use, can't really ask for more. Sometimes I really just need a simple moisturiser without bothering about all these other whitening effect or anti aging etc etc.

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