Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask review

I actually have quite a few non-sheet masks, as I find them actually easier to use than sheet masks (often I actually leave them on over-night, apart from the cleansing type of clay masks or masks with enzymes etc exfoliating type), and often more value for money since you get a whole tube or tub instead of use-once sheets.

Chantecaille jasmine & lily healing mask retails for $79USD for a 1.7oz (50ml) glass jar. It is a pretty heavy glass jar with screw top cap.

The website says the following about the mask:
-A cooling, hydrating mask that doubles as a calming night cream
-Ideal first aid for irritated, sunburned, wind-chapped or jet-lagged skin
-Revives and brightens dull complexions
-Extremely effective as a daily treatment for rosacea
-91% botanicals including a healing base of Pure Rosewater; Vegan-friendly

Instructions for use:
How to use it : Apply a generous layer twice a week over clean skin. Leave on from 10 to 20 minutes. Gently sponge off with lukewarm water. May be left on overnight. 

Plastic separator on top

Otherwise it looks like an ordinary moisturising cream sort of consistency, it's not super heavy or thick (e.g. Nivea cream or creme de la mer consistency), more like a whipped moisturising cream type of lightness.

Expiry is 12 months from opening

Here it is on my skin after application- not all that pleasant- it really does feel like a moisturising cream, it turns translucent and shiny and ever slightly sticky. It does dry-down a bit but never completely absorb. If by bed time it still feels sticky, I use a damp cotton pad and just press lightly on face to take away that greasy feeling (and make sure it doesn't transfer all over my pillow). I use one and half pea sized amounts all over cleansed face.

The point of this mask is probably soothing sensitive skin, reduce some redness and some moisturisation, plus some brightening effect. (All pretty vague and generic outcomes to me). I've used this for several months and tried various ways- leave on for 20min then tissue off, leave on during shower then massage in then wipe off after shower, leave on overnight. The better outcomes were from leaving it on overnight, and only seemed to do my skin some good when it's a bit sensitive and red (you can see I have some brokoen capillaries which become quite obvious when it's cold or wind chapped). The next morning my skin is less dull looking and redness definitely goes down by half.

It does "heal" slightly dehydrated skin but I have tried using this when my skin is actually irritated (e.g. congestion or skin irritation just short of eczema outbreak). It hasn't worked in either scenario. Therefore I wouldn't actually recommend this to anyone with congested skin or active eczema. Best suited for those with slightly drier skin and sensitive/red cheeks.

I sometimes skip applying this on my nose altogether as anything too thick often just worsens my blackheads.

Overall a nice soothing mask , unfortunately only works when your skin is certain conditions, (it doesn't really "brighten" like many other Japanese whitening sheet masks etc), on normal skin days I feel not much difference following using this mask. I usually only use it when my skin is visible red or I didn't have much sleep the night before. Including the hefty pricetag I would only give it a 3.5 out of 5. Maybe if it was around $40USD mark it would seem more reasonable.

p.s. it has a light plesant scent of jasmine and lily, not cloying to the extent of smelling like fragrance on your face, but just the right dose. (in fact we have lilies in our backyard and real flowers smells stronger than this). Overall scent is rather soothing and comforting for my personal liking.

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