Essie Not Just A Pretty Face #690 nail lacquer polish review/ swatch

Here's a review of Essie Not Just  A Prety Face.I've been giving my nails a bit of a rest for last 2 weeks just to grow them back to healthy condition a bit, hence the lack of nail reviews lately.

Essie Not Just A Pretty Face looks like a nude pink with a slight mauve undertone in the bottle. I thought it looks a bit like Essie Innocent  I reviewed previously. However I think Not Just A Pretty Face is a bit paler in shade.

On the nails with 2 coats and no top or base coat below (was in a hurry this morning lol).
It goes on the nail surprisingly on the lighter side, the consistency was a bit annoying as it looked really uneven with 1 coat and 2 coats still looked uneven, but once it dried it looks way better.   It's a true semi translucent creme shade, does not build to full opacity until 3 coats, but 2 coats give a nice coverage already. There's no shimmers or iridescence inside. I would call this a "cloudy creme" as the pigmentation in the polish seemed uneven hence it applies blotchy.

On the nails it's a soft pink nude shade, in a lot of Asian blog reviews they tend to review nailpolishes based on whether it makes your hand look "paler" or slimmer etc, once I had this color on I actually thought this shade brings out a bit of sallowness in your skintone, especially if you are Asian- I think the very slight mauvey undertone just brings out the yellowness in the skin.

However overall it's still a pretty shade- there is virtually no mauve or purple base once applied to the nails. Essie Innocent is a darker and slightly more pink version of this and with an extra tiny bit of mauve.

Overall 3.5/5. It's a nice office shade but not exactly special. I also found the consistency not so nice and application felt blotchy- maybe if I use my usual base coats it might look better.

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