Jill Stuart Petit Nail Lacquer 110 Captive of Love valentines day 2011 polish review/ swatch

There were a few petit nail lacquers from Jill Stuart sold in valentines day in 2011. The petit nail lacquers are 8ml while full size ones are 10ml so they aren't exactly that 'petit' in content (does look small when compared to OPI though).

They feature the most gorgeous bottle design with like a jewel cut bottle surface and silver handle and even the limited edition pink heart shaped crystal studded on the handle!

I'm reviewing shade code #110, the color name is "Captive of Love". In the bottle it looks like a jelly medium pink fuchsia, not garishly fuchsia or neon but it's a brightened shade of pinky glazed medium raspberry color.

The petit nail lacquers do not come boxed, instead there's a small elastic double heart cardboard and silver elastic tie around the cap (shows ingredient and product names).

Close up: you can see the shade has no shimmers or iridescence, it's a true jelly translucent creme.

This is the limited edition heart shaped pink crystal design on the cap- different to normal full sized polishes.

Here are the swatches with 2 coats on the name. Base coat is Paul & Joe base coat and top coat is seche vite which is causing the polish to shrink a bit on the edges unfortunately (if only I can figure out where I can buy my next bottle of seche vite for less than $18AUD including shipping! I think I paid $6 for my first bottle shipped from US back when transdesign and other websites were more accessible for international shipping, so I really don't want to pay retail here lol).

All that aside, the Jill Stuart polish glides on super smoothly, one coat is uneven due to the inherent texture being of a jelly creme finish, but two coats is a lush glossy color. In real life it's a bit darker than my photos. Due to the color of this polish my photos are just a bit paler than the real color should be.

Well as you can see on the nails it goes true color to the bottle- a glossy medium fuchsia pink raspberry. It's not quite in the pink family anymore but almost closer to red. If you have OPI Chapel of Love the shade is different to this one, Chapel of love is possibly a bit lighter shade and just look different to this one altogether.

Here's an indoor photo without flash on so you can see realistically the darkness of the pink- no matter how many photos I took under the sunlight the photo usually always seem lighter than in real life.

Last one (again, flash and lighter than true color)

Overall 5/5 for wear and finish. I generally love Jill Stuart nail polishes as the pinks and neutrals are really lovely and office appropriate while the pinks and reds are always so brightening and never looks cheap or garish. This particular shade just looks so wonderful for late summer weather here in Sydney. It's not super special enough to be tracked down but not a bad one to have if you can find it for decent prices.

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Beauty Box said...

What a gorgeous berry pink colour...Always wondered if Jill Stuart nail polish was worth getting....it seems it is!