Fancl Moisture Rouge Stick Skinny Beige (Lipstick) 2012 review/ swatch

Here's one of the limited edition Fancl Moisture Rouge Sticks released in late 2011/ early 2012. 

Fancl lipsticks are sold separately between cases and refills (which I honestly think is incredibly silly). The case I got along with Skinny Beige was also limited edition casing I think.
The product code for the "Skinny Beige" shade refill lipstick is 3595-14.

Fancl boxes are designed to be able to be opened completely to reveal more product information inside, including how to put the refill into the empty case. The refill lipstick is sealed in a plastic shrinkwrap packaging to minimise contamination.

Here's what you get after all the excessive packaging lol 

The limited edition case is a pale champagne gold, it's a light metal casing which is probably quite prone to scratches. In the middle there's a small pink jewel studded rim.

You keep the plastic cap on the lipstick on, then push the refill into the case.

The limited edition design is some sort of moon motif. The lipstick is quite standard sized like most Japanese lipsticks.

Close up- I thought "oh meh ! I bought  a blah looking shade", almost a bit boring mid-tone nude browny pink

Swatches reflect a creamy lipstick , it doesn't exactly glide on wonderfully and go on buttery smooth etc like I'd typically expect a good quality lipstick to do, so I didn't have high hopes. (but it's not thick and dry either)

But behold, I was really pleasantly surprised- it turns into a moist, creamy soft lipstick on application. It is reasonably pigmented so two swipes give wonderful coverage without having that oh-so-creamy-and-unnatural looking pigmentation going on, I didn't need to use a lipbrush either. It turns into a really pretty and super natural my-lips-but-better shade. It's not quite mid-tone, but not pale either, sort of inbetween. It's a gorgeous pinky nude, at some lights it will have a slightly more nude brown tone showing through but which is not undesirable, but simply makes the shade rather understated. Very office friendly shade. 

The finish is also slightly glossy- it blurs any lip lines quite well. 

This swatch below shows more brown hue under different lights.

Overall it was a really lovely purchase, they retail about 20USD in HK. Grab this limited edition shade while it's still in store =)

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