Shiseido Elixir Lifting Foam EX I cleansing review

Here's a review of the Shiseido Elixir Lifting Foam cleansing in EX I (I is for type "light, while II is more moisturising etc, this is a common notation for Japanese skincare, same in the Sofina line).

It looks like a creamy cleanser

After adding a bit of water and working between palms it emulsifies into a thicker white paste, then adding more water and applying to the face it starts foaming up a bit more like a normal foaming cleanser.

However, it leaves a strange residue after rinsing- I really don't know whether it's the inherent property of the cleanser or whether the residue is meant to be somewhat good for the skin- it feels like an uncomfortable silicone coating as opposed to that "moisturised and cleansed" feeling a good cleanser should leave you with.

The Elixir line is an Asian exclusive Shiseido line and is intended for mature skin from the age of 40s. Maybe that's why my skin is just not appreciating this.

It has a light scent, generic soapy scent that is mild and not harsh.

In terms of removing makeup residue (I always use another makeup remover before using foaming cleansers anyway), it seems to do very little- I still find the "coating" residue incredibly uncomfortable though. This went in the bin very shortly.

Overall 0/5 and will not repurchase.

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SRinchen said...

To my experience you have to use it for some time till it pays off. I am using it for a couple of weeks now (together with the cleanser and hardly ever use the serum) with remarkable results - although I am not even asian ;o)