L'Occitane 20% Shea Butter Honey Hand Cream (miel) 2012 review

The English name of this item is just Loccitane Honey hand cream.  I purchased the 30ml size I'm SOOO utterly excited that L'Occitane is bringing back their 'Miel" or Honey line of products (and hopefully a few more items). 

For years the Loccitane Miel Honey Gentle Water is my staple pick-me-up fragrance (it has no alcohol contents so not sure if I can characterise it as a standard perfume), it's light and refreshingly sweet with the real honey scent, without that sickening fake sweetness many honey scents tend to come with, or that slightly "alcohol" whiff that is contained in most fragrances. It's just so mild and comforting, when it was discontinued I actually bought three bottles. (And thankfully I'm still on 2 bottles of backup). Sometimes I'd spray some just before I go to bed to ensure a literally sweet dream.

Did I mention the honey hand cream comes with oh-so-cute bear and honey print on the bottom?. I just had to have this.

The re-introduced Miel line actually smells just about the same. Even in the hand cream it's such a mild light sweet scent, usually the scents in hand creams tend to be exaggerated once applied on hands since the body temperature warms the handcream up and all scents become stronger. However not this one.

Ingredient list: main contents are shea butter, glycerin and coconut oil. This particular hand cream has 20% shea butter content (L'occitane tend to emphasise how much shea butter % is in each product quite specifically) 

It comes in a soft plastic tube- I like this design more so than those toothpaste foil/ metal packaging which tends to break and leak easily.

The hand cream is a soft moisturiser consistency, still creamy. It's not runny or fluid. It feels nice and gentle on the hand. It dries like what I'd expect a shea butter hand cream to be, that feeling that your hand is gently coated in a light moisturiser. While it doesn't leave the skin oily and greasy, it's not exactly 100% dry to touch either. None that will affect whatever else I'm doing though.

Overall 5/5. I'm so glad the honey miel line is back (FYI L'Occitane actually replaced the original honey line with the honey& lemon line). I can't locate this product on the Loccitane US website, maybe it is yet to be released (I got mine from Asia). I also bought the solid miel shea butter and the mum & baby shea butter in honey scent, I'm not sure what the rest of the product line contains but certainly hope some sort of fragrance version is also back.

Definitely remember to try these if you are into light sweet scents or just love honey!

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