Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB Cream (Creme) (Multi-action formula) review/swatch

It seems 2010 and 2011 are the year of the BB creams. Just about every single Asian brand has released a BB creme, now the Western brands are all jumping on the band wagon.

Personally I think BB cremes are just variations of tinted moisturisers or light foundation fluids, depending on how each cosmetic company markets it or formulates it.

Estee Lauder's Cyber White line is Asian exclusive, they are whitening lines which aims at brightening the skin, and occassionally the Cyber White line also makes base makeup. This BB creme is released in 2011. I know most searches say it's BB Cream but the product label says BB "Creme". Same thing.


It's housed in a pretty plastic white tube with a shiny mint green silver cap packaging. However the mint green cap will  get scratched easily and peel & chip in your makeup bag after a while.

The squeeze nozzle opening is very small, which is perfectly suited for dispensing the right amount.

Here it is on the skin, straight from tube on very left, blended out in middle, then completely blended on the right.

I've now blended the middle section as well- you can see the coverage is very light, because it doesn't cover the small freckle up the top. There is a light luminosity being picked up when you look closely though, while there are no visible shimmers to this product, there is a glow to it on application.

Under different lighting which is closer to the actual color, you can see it's like a very thin foundation or tinted moisturiser, it's very spreadable and soft on the skin, it's probably slightly pink toned rather than yellow. It melts into my pale skin, I generally wear the lightest or 2nd lightest foundations in most Asian brands.  Wears reasonably well for 5 hours, but I could do with a powder touch up by 5 hour mark for sure. It will not slide off my face or oxidise which is the typical problem I have with my liquid foundations.

However as mentioned, it offers very little coverage. If you are used to traditional foundations which will cover majority of blemishes or freckles completely, then this is not for you. You'd probably still be able to use this as a tinted makeup primer though. I generally apply this after a light primer (usually with shimmers), then press on some powder foundation lightly, or use pressed powder.

It then gives me a low coverage (but natural looking finish), my skin underneath can breathe through, and it's not mask-like.

Overall I quite like this BB cream, it's a generous 30ml which lasts plenty long, I usually use about 2 pea sized amount for the full face. I still use concealer no matter what foundation I use.

Suitable for those who prefers light coverage and a tinted moisturiser that gives you a breathable skin. I have not experienced congestion or irritation with this despite having super sensitive skin. It has a very light floral scent which dissipates quickly after application.

Overall 4/5. Thumbs up for the blendability and featherlight finish. However while I do love light foundations, this could offer slightly more coverage. It also does require a powder on top to set.

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