RMK P05 Natural Pink Beige Nail Color polish Review/ Swatch

RMK P05 Natural Pink belongs to the new and revamped RMK nail color collection from late 2010, it is still part of the permanent collection.  I think RMK reduced their nailpolish size slightly (now at 12ml) but lowered the prices, hoping to encourage more purchases.

Here's the official photo:
Here's my picture- you can see the official photo's pretty spot on.

P05 Natural Pink Beige, as the name describes, is a gorgeous gorgeous jelly soft babypink nude, there is very little beige inside, so the baby pink is dominant. It's got a jelly like creme finish, absolutely gorgeous! dries super shiny, I couldn't stop staring as this. It looks like my nails but far better, glossier and definitely one of my top nude nails out there.

There's no shimmers or sparkles in this, just a shiny jelly with a good color payoff (for a baby pink nude shade anyway).

I'm wearing 2 coats below.

Overall 6 out of 5. (yes it's gone off the scale...because I love this!).

RMK Nail Color EX (the EX here means new generation, as these are the revamped lines, as opposed to limited edition shades) features 30 new shades:

I will look forward to reviewing a lot of the other shades!

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