Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion (green bottle) with oatmeal review

Aveeno Daily Moisurising Lotion is found in a lot of drugstores in Australia (priceline) and in Asia/ USA. They are marketed as a mild moisturising lotion for the body with collodial oatmeal (which is meant to be great for people with sensitive, easily irritated skin or eczema).

I get occassional eczema when the weather changes, and sometimes my skin gets really dry in winter from all the heaters and cold winds and it just feels itchy and uncomfortable. Other than that the skin on my body is in pretty good condition.

I bought the largest size in Priceline for about 10.99AUD , it's 354ml- honestly I think the size has reduced since my last purchase (and same with the price- I used to pay about 13-14AUD for the largest bottle).

Back of bottle with ingredient list. I bought the green bottle which is fragrance free (there's also a blue bottle which has menthol so it's cooling on application).

Comes in a pump bottle design- you can push the pump in, twist and lock it for travelling.

What it looks like on the skin: it's a white light cream, I wouldn't call it moisturising "lotion"- in summer when it's warmer the consistency does seem softer than during winter right now, however it is still a light cream as opposed to a runny lotion.

It feels velvety on the skin- it spreads quickly, a light massage and it sinks right in, and dries very quickly.

 My skin still feel adequately moisturised for 24 hours after using this. This is easily the 4th or 5th bottle I've gone through over the past 3 years.

It's especially good when I can sense my skin is getting some irritation or dryness. Other days I can freely use my other nicely fragranced body lotions. On troubled skin days, this is my default body moisturiser.

It does have a very light scent, a bit sweet vanilla oatmeal sort of scent. Goes away quickly so it will not interfere with any fragrances.

Overall 5/5.  The 354ml bottle lasts me anywhere between 3-4 months, using 3-4 times a week. Usually 1 full pump is enough for both legs, then extra pump for the arm and other parts of the body.

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