MEISHOKU, KUMALESS Brown Zone Concealer (Pink) for undereye swatch/ review

Meishoku KUMALESS Brown Zone Concealer is a Japanese drugstore brand, retails around 10-12USD. They are housed in a 12g squeeze tube with a fine nozzle. 

According to manufacturer, it's specially designed for the dark eye circles caused by poor blood circulation. The orange/pink concealer covers blue / brown eye circles, which help to hide fatigue looking. Infused with vitamin E, it helps to promote blood circulation, brighten and nourish eye areas to prevent dryness

My dark circles are probably closer to brown, so I chose the pink version above.

There's also a blue version (called "Blue Zone" on the tube) which is a orange toned concealer aimed at correcting blue eye circles. packaging is like this below:

 Here's my PINK version (called "Brown Zone")


Here's the swatch, on the right is the product blended out. You can see a small amount stretches for a bit.  

I have pretty bad dark circles, about 2 foundation shades deeper than rest of my face, partly hereditary partly because of lack of sleep, and partly because of a lot of hayfever/ allergy issues.

My overall verdict is this should be an undereye brightener (think YSL teint eclat), rather than eye concealer. it will conceal and reflect for those with really light circles, however if you use this one alone, it can look a bit ashy on top of real dark circles. This is best used almost as a primer before foundation (or both before and after), to give more coverage. Or layered with another more opaque undereye concealer. 

The brightening effect is good, because the pigments are very fine, it's not overly shimmery or fake looking- it's a very good undereye brightener for $12USD but it will not double as a concealer for anyone who has dark circles at least 1-2 foundation shades darker than their face.

Compared to YSL teint eclat radiant pen, the YSL ones are probably superior quality and really have their brightening / reflective technology surpassing this , however YSL also costs a lot more.

Rating: 4/5.

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