Bourjois Effect 3D Max Lipgloss #66 Peche Shiny swatch/ review

Bourjois Effect 3D Max Lipgloss was released in early 2011. It features an almost gel like consistency lipgloss, they remind me a lot of the pricey Armani lip shimmers. It's like a lipgloss but slightly gel consistency, but not too sticky on the lips, and while applying on the lips they can initially look a bit blotchy, after your lips warm the gloss up, it becomes a smooth, glaze like shine and doesn't sink in any liplines at all.

It comes in an hourgloss sort of looking tube, that's easy to hold and looks rather sleek for a drugstore brand. They are also available in Australia (in Priceline pharamcy), I think for 22AUD RRP.  However the packaging looks a bit different, mine is from Asia so it could be different?

(22AUD RRP is considered drugstore price in Australia unfortunatley, because everything is so overpriced. I think mine was from HK for about 10-13USD, which is a better price).

The lipgloss is made in Italy, at least in my version.

I got the shade #66 Peche Shiny, which is exactly what it is, a lightly shimmery peach, the shimmers are really subtle and pretty on the lips. It gives me those shiny baby peach lips.

Comes in a small silicone feel spatula applicator, which is used by a lot of Japanese brands in recent years. It's a thin and flexible spear-tip looking piece of silicone, it applies the right amount easily on the lips. Don't worry if it looks slightly uneven on application because as I said, the lipgloss melts into your lips after a few seconds.

Here's the swatch:

Indoor light:

Overall 5/5. They are unscented, doesn't have much taste. They layer on lipsticks very well too, and feels quite moisturising on my lips, and wears off evenly (without leaving just shimmers behind).  This really does remind me of Armani Lip shimmer #01 which is my HG baby pink- but this is the baby peach sister.

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