YSL Nail Touch Vernis Nail Lacquer Brush Pen #003 Pink Touch swatch/ review

Honestly ever since the success of the YSL touche eclat pens, YSL keeps on trying to replicate that across all the products, There's a pen version of the foundation, a pen version of the lipglosses, now there's even a pen version of their nail lacquer.

I bought this out of pure curiosity, and for once YSL disappoints me. The product is a tiny 4ml in a clicky pen like the YSL touch eclat size, the polish is housed in the plastic tube on the back of the pen- the plastic tube is semi transparent so you can see the color inside.

They RRP for a whopping 26USD- I'm assuming the cost relates to the brush holder itself. I don't think the polish are refillable either.

Here are the total 6 shades available:

I bought #003 Pink Touch
swatch on YSL website is this:3 Pink Touch

Here's the back of the tube where you can see the color, it's clearly a bit lighter than the website swatch for #003 pink touch:

The brush tip:

After a few clicks, you can see the polish oozing out from the brush tip:

It's a total pain to apply- hard to control the amount on the bristle, hard to control how it applies on the nails.

In addition, it dries quite slowly so when I try to apply the second coat, I find it sort of goops up with the first coat making it look quite uneven.  This was my best effort after 2 coats. I suppose on the nails where it's applied properly, it's a nice french color and makes my nails look quite pretty. It also enhances the white of your nail tip due to the color base. I would really call #003 Pink Touch as a baby ivory pink nude french color.

Overall 1/5. Really unimpressed with the size to price (4ml for $26USD??). While I paid less I still think it's ridiculous pricing and packaging. The color is at best an average ivory pink french shade.

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