Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado review

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado (often also just called the Avocado Eye cream) is probably one of the cult Kiehl's products out there. People either love it, or hate it.

I belong to the love it category, this is my second pot and you can see I'm 80% through it already. Each pot lasts for a good 6 months plus. (I also use other eye creams here and there so it stretches out how long most skincare lasts me for).

It's in a sturdy plastic white jar, 15ml content.

Ingredients are printed on the cap: 

Comes with a plastic separator- I recommend keeping this because it seals the product off from air contact quite well. (However it's really fiddly every time I use the pot).

Here's the avocado eyecream- it really does look like smooshy avocado, it has a light yellow/green tinge but applies clear on the skin.

It has a thickish cream consistency.

However, the really interesting thing about this eye cream, is that it almost 'emulsifies' a little bit and just melts slightly on the skin, without being fully absorbed in. This is where I see majority of the negative reviews.

Once you pat into the under eye area it sort of looks like below, there is still clearly a layer left on top of the skin. This is what I love about this eye cream though, it provides a very good canvas and stops my concealer and undereye makeup from looking dry. 

My concealer simply glides on top of this, no matter what consistency it is- from stick to liquid concealer to just powder foundation. It totally stops and undereye lines or creases you didn't think you have from appearing underneath your foundation or concealer.

Overall 5/5. In terms of effectiveness as an eyecream, it is pretty no frills- does what it claims to do. It light moisturises but I would think of this more as a 'barrier' type of eye cream (i.e. it seals whatever's underneath in and provides a protective canvas). So you can try to layer this on top of other eye serum.

It will not diminish your undereye circles or reduce puffyness (hence I avoid using it on top of my eye which tends to get puffy). However when I use this it just seems to 'plump' up my undereye skin area which makes it quite good for concealers.

No complaint about this at all given it's retails for like < 30 USD and 15ml eye cream really lasts a good 6 months.  If I could change anything about it, I suppose would be the packaging- I just hate any skincare in an open tub.

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