Dior Vernis Long-wearing Nail Lacquer Polish #461 Rose Nectar (Nectar de Rose) swatch/review

Dior vernis seems to receive a bit less love than Chanel- however honestly I think Dior's been doing fantastic with coming out with unique colors (and more recently, strong, bold dark colors) lately.

Dior Vernis contains only 10ml, however it does feel quite substantial still since I only ever need 2 coats with Dior polishes.
They apply smoothly, 2 coats and you will get what the color is in the bottle.

#461 Rose Nectar was released in Spring 2011 I think.

It comes in gorgeous silver cap, which uncapped and will reveal the screw top below.

The brush is pretty similar to Chanel, they are both not as big as OPI pro wide brush but I find application relatively easy.

Here's two coats on my nails (sorry the silver cap is finger print city!).

#461 Rose Nectar is a brightened medium rose pink infused with extremely fine shimmers in the same color, which can only be seen very close up, I wouldn't call it pink anymore because it does lean towards rose and is too dark to be called just a medium pink.  It's brighter than Chanel English Rose in undertone by about 20% which I reviewed a few posts down.  It is fairly bright, but not quite neon, but just maybe any bit brighter I would say it's almost a hot pink.  However Dior makes this color look sophisticated and pretty.

I think Chanel English rose is like a paler sister of this shade, with slightly more milkyness.

Here's #461 Rose Nectar indoors, it can sometimes look less bright under certain lights. I think the picture below is closest to actual color, actual color is still a smidget deeper red and brighter than this though.


Overall 5/5.

The wear is also quite good, day 3 on my nails and it looks just as shiny as day one, no chipping so far.

Love this shade! It's certainly brightening up my day~


Stephanie said...

this is so pretty! for some reason it shows up as Pink Pompadour on the dior.com site. Rose Nectar is a much better name if you ask me!

Wombat said...

Hi Stephanie, it must be a US vs Asia packaging or name thing lol.

Good to know it's available on dior.com though! It is quite pretty.