Fancl White Essence Review

Fancl White Essence was released in 2010, and the product is also still current for 2011.
This is my 3rd bottle of Fancl White essence, I also have 2 more unopened bottles, so which means this must warrant my review!

As can be seen from my skin swatches I'm quite pale, however the problem with being pale under the Australian sun is the sunspots, moles and freckles!  Not to mention the usual pigmentation from minor zits or skin irritations.

Fancl White Essence is about 30-35USD RRP or thereabouts (at least in HK). It's in a very sanitary 18ml pump bottle.

Product code is 3435-21 (for ease of order if you are a Fancl mail order member).

This is the label with the HK Fancl White Essence (they name it differently between Taiwan and HK). The key ingredients roughly translates to concentrated Vitamin C and Olive leaf extracts, SVTC something and jojoba extract.

The instructions says 2 pumps and apply over face, and massage lightly into places of pigmentation or acne scars/ freckles etc. Usually I just use 1 pump for the full face.

Again, very clean pump bottle mechanism:

There's a display window which shows how much is left- when the window turns white, you will only have about 7-10 days amount left. The design will be able to use up every  last drop in the bottle.

Here it is on the skin- it's a milky serum, not completely clear. It has virtually no scent.

Massages into skin very quickly, absorbs quickly too. It's sufficiently moisturising for me in summer!. In winter I might need something lightly layered on top.

So why do I love this so much? Well it's all after my last holiday where I spent 4 weeks in the middle east during the hottest time ever- I was regularly out under the sun for about 5-6 hours a day (when it's around 38-46 degrees celcius, or 100F~115F).  Yes sometimes in the middle of the desert.

As I was on holiday, I really used quite minimal skincare- it was Fancl White Essence day and night, during the day I apply Sofina Beaute SPF50 sunscreen on top of Fancl (I hardly get a chance to reapply sunscreen during the day), then at night often just Fancl White essence and nothing else (unless my skin was peeling then I'd massage in some Sofina Beaute moisturising cream on top).

Honestly I came back from my holiday with the best skin ever, for the first time in 3 yrs I actually didn't feel like I needed to wear makeup to work. Even work colleagues commented on how ridiculously better my skin looked.

I mean I used Sofina Beaute SPF50 sunscreen for the past 18 mths so the only thing new was Fancl. It truely kept my skin at very good condition even during the hectic travel plans. On top of that, I barely had much tan despite 1 month under the sun (which was another story for my body).

I've consistently then used it since, I haven't noticed as miraculous change since (possibly because I'm more well rested during the holiday? ) but it is definitely quite fabulous with keeping my freckles at bay and keep my skin radiant looking (I dont' think anything will really lighten existing freckles or sunspots short of laser treatment) but I get far less new freckles. Also my easily congested skin haven't ever hated this.

Only thing is sometimes I take a break from this during very cold dry winter- (or layer moisturising cream on top of this), I find when the skin on my cheek is sometimes very thin and irritated from the winter wind and blast of heater, applying this could feel a little bit of sting.

Overall 5/5.

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