Fancl Special Concentration Kit (Moisture Massage Gel, Beauty Concentrate, Moist & Vital Mask) Review

Every now and then Fancl releases various kits with smaller sizes of their products so users can try a few items for a slightly discounted price. I usually take the opportunity and try a few new Fancl items.

The Special Concentrate Kit contains Moisture Massage Gel (33g), Beauty Concentrate (9ml, full retail size is 18ml), and Moist & Vital Mask (2 sheets, retail size is about 3 or 4 sheets normally I think).

The item I wanted to try was the Beauty Concentrate since it costs a bit more (for 18 ml full size, it RRPs around USD 60 or 70 most online places I can see!).

(Click on any of my pictures to enlarge, all text should be readable). The kits are from HK Fancl stores so the name will be HK translated names.

Here's the Moist & Vital mask. It's a sheet mask and the liquid infused in the mask is a milky moisturising milk sort of feel, it's a bit creamier than most sheet masks. I've used both and honestly found them to be average, they do hydrate my skin but it's not like I wake up with significantly nicer skin the next morning like what I'd expect sheet masks to at least do. 

Overall 3/5 for the mask. I think the Moist & Vital masks are the more expensive masks out of most Fancl masks as well. Features Fancl's signature HTC collagen and some other ingredients I have no idea how to translate.

The moisture massage gel is housed in a plastic pump bottle. As with all Fancl products they are perfectly sealed (has internal plastic seal which you need to break before using). They are also in the most awesome packaging where the base of the bottle will slowly rise as you use more products, which means you get to use every last drop.
The bottle has a pink design and tint on the bottom, the gel is sort of translucent pale yellow tinged.

Comes in the pump bottle design used in most of Fancl's items.

Here's the Moisture Massage Gel, it's a typical gel consistency- not too solid and not too runny. Active ingredients are Vitamin E, calendula extract etc:


On contact with skin and warmth, slightly massaged in:

The instruction is to apply this after toner, and massage in. (No rinsing required so it's like a massaged in moisturiser). Personally I really don't feel this doing very much, it doesn't cause me congested skin, lightly hydrates, but still, feels like a million other products can do the same.

After massaging in it will still feel a bit tacky- so I only use this at night. Overall it's 3/5. Nothing special.

Lastly it's the Beauty Concentrate which was the item I really wanted to try- it's meant to contain the Fancl singature HTC collagen, silybin phytosome and some sort of berry extract.

It's a yellowish light cream consistency, to my surprise. It does feel a bit pampering on the skin (I use it like a serum or moisturiser, after toner and don't follow with anything else).

I've used the full bottle, sitting on the fence with it. On some days I do feel my skin is more radiant, on other days I can't quite feel what it does (but it does no harm on my skin).

For the high pricetag of like 60 or 70 USD for the 18ml full size bottle, I just expected a bit more. Overall 4/5 for being a basic but solid serum/mosituriser type of product.

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