Covermark Deep Cleansing Oil Review

Covermark is a premium Japanese brand which focuses on foundations and base sort of products. They also have skincare and color makeup like blushes, eyeshadows but the foundation bases are their primary product line and also what they are renowned for.

The Deep Cleansing Oil comes in 140ml ( RRP2800 Yen) , 210ml (4,000Yen) or 420ml (7,000 Yen).
They are probably on the more pricy side. I'm reviewing the 210ml which is probably around equivalent RRP of 45-55USD.

The cleansing oil comes in a very pretty, pearly pink paisley print paper box. It looks very classy.
Back of box with ingredeitn list, I noticed mineral oil is under the ingredients.

Here's the cleansing oil in a pump dispenser design- there's a safety cap there so you can bring that for travel to avoid spillage.


Instructions- it says use cleansing oil, face cleanser, toner, seum then moisturiser.

I use 1 full pump for the full face, massage onto dry face for 30sec to 1 minute until I can feel most of my makeup melts away, then I gradually add a bit of water then massage more until the cleansing oil emulsifies on the face, then finally splash with a lot of water to remove any residue. It rinses clean very quickly and easily.

Overall this is a super high quality cleansing oil- if not for the price and lack of access I would have purchased another bottle. The 210ml bottle lasted me a good 4-6 months (with some other makeup removers used occassionally). It takes away all traces of makeup, personally I think it cleanses better than Fancl, and leaves no dryness behind. It is also minimally scented.

It's a slightly cloudy cleansing oil, not as cloudy as Fancl, but also slightly more runny than Fancl.

I've never had any irritation with this despite mineral oil being listed as one of the ingredients. I have ultra sensitive skin as well- any cleanser which is too drying will leave my face instantly red and irritated.

Overall 5/5.

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