Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm #261 Rosy Nude swatch/review

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Nourishing Lip balm are really just sheer lipsticks that is rather moisturising. While it's called a lip balm, I don't think it's as nourishing as a normal lipbalm, but at the same time the consistency is unique and different to a normal lipstick and a lot of other sheer lipsticks. It just glides on so easily over the lips.

I love this when my lips are slightly chapped too, it seems to glide on and conceal and dryness and very soon you get a kissable looking pink lips.

Not to mention how it's housed in the Guerlain packaging with the silver tube with bamboo like segment design. So pretty!

I have #261 Rosy Nude, which swatches as a light rose pink, however on the lips it's a neutral pink rose, much like how the lipbalm itself looks in the tube:

Sorry for the poor swatch- it's showing as a sheerish red, but reallyit's more a rosy pink.

Here it is on my lips- seriously my lips were really dry today but with this, any dryness is easily masked underneath. #261 Rosy Nude is also such a pretty color, simply swipe on and you get those perfect natural looking pink lips.

Overall 5/5. The lipbalms are lightly scented, I don't think it's as strong as a lot of other Guerlain products and I rather like the scent.  I get 3 hours wear out of this and it wears off quite evenly.

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