OPI Design Series DS011 Vintage Nail Polish swatch/ review

OPI Design Series was such a hit when it first came out. I know holographic nails sound a bit kiddish at times and can often look tacky (like the ones you get from party stores), but OPI DS series really make the holo finish become wearable and very interesting.

DS Vintage (code DS011) is holographic in a reddish coral orange base. I've seen online swatches on others where it looks a lot more orange and copper, but on me the red base shows throguh very well.

Bytheway these are probably my fave nailpolish photos I've taken to date- I'm usually at work when there's any good daylight so most polish swatches are taken indoors. However I managed to get these under the sun, and look how fantastic they are =)

Outdoors they look like shimmery polish, the holo is a bit less which I like (otherwise it just looks a bit too flashy for work).

Indoors and the polish looks a lot more rainbow with the holo finish under flash photography:

Overall 5/5. It dries quite smoothly, applies fully pigmented with 2 coats and the holo finish is unbeatable.


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