Cosme Decorte Magie Deco Fairy Eyes BE350 Aurora Splash swatch/review

Cosme Decorte belongs to the Kose group, Cosme Decorte is a higher end line within Kose group (e.g. compared to Visee, Esprique Precious), and Magie Deco is under Cosme Decorte again and priced slightly cheaper (but still more than Esprique Precious).

The Fairy Eyes are liquid creme eyeshadows in a brush tip tube. The tube is the same color as the content which I love. Each tube comtains 6ml which is very plenty for any liquid/creme eyeshadow.

Here's the brush tip, I think it picks up sufficient product for both eyes.

Here's the swatch, and also blended out. BE350 is called 'Aurora Splash' which is a beigy pink peach, great as an overall eyewash color, contains a few flecks of deeper peach gold shimmers which shows when blended out.

On the eyes the liquid cream shadow turns quickly dry, so it blend quickly. It lasts pretty well on my eyes, I do find you need to layer it a few more times to get the color to show up. But this is a pretty color nonetheless. I wish the shimmer flecks were slightly more subtle.

Overall 4/5. The convenience and beautiful design with beautiful color and consistency gets my thumbs up. However with most Magie Deco products, they are pretty heavily fragranced (It's a bit fruity/flowery scent). I don't hate it but prefer it not being there. The scent will disappear quickly a few minutes after application though.

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