Kose Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Rouge Lipstick PK831 swatch/review

 Kose Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Rouge was released in 2011 Spring, it is basically a sheer lipstick with a heart emboss on the top. It's super cute! but obviously after a few uses the heart shape will be gone completely.

Features a silver tube design with diamande shaped base (which makes it easy to grip).

PK831 is a sheer pink tint, you can see the bottom swatch with just 1 swipe and the top swatch needed about 3 swipes to get the color to show. It applies very sheerly and smoothly, almost like a tinted lipbalm (however I don't find it's sufficient to replace my lipbalm at all). On my lips it simply gives a pink tint, very faint.

The consistency is interesting, unlike most lipsticks where you get a bit of a cream finish or a certain 'layer' feel on the skin or lips, this simply feels very sheer and thin. It honestly feels weightless on the lips and therefore no issues of it being applied blotchy like other lipsticks.

Here it is when the heart print is gone =P

Overall 4/5. It works great as a non brain slap it on lip tint, however I wish it's either a bit more pigmented or a bit more moisturising.

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