Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour ROSE GLOSS #445 swatch/ review

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in #445 "Rose Gloss" has a very interesting consistency. It's not a translucent glossy pink, it's a milky gloss- so while there's a pink tint in the bottle, it applies almost like a see-through pink creme.

This is the rare occassion where what I see in the bottle for a Chanel polish doesn't quite translate to what goes on the nails. I applied two coats. I suppose because our natural nails are flesh toned and white so being a milky gloss consistency, it will change the color because the background is different.

I really wish it looked like what it does in the bottle though, such a unique pink rosy shade.

Overall 4/5. It's not terribly unique once on the nails, but there's something soft and feminine about this which I still like. It makes my nails look very clean, without having that effect where some pale colors sometimes can look a bit fake. This looks like a perfect spring manicure shade.

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