RMK Nail Color EX20 Shimmery White review/ swatch

RMK Nail Color EX20 (I forgot the color code's actual English name, sorry! so I'm just calling it shimmery white. It was released in 2008 as part of the limited edition items.

It's basically is what it looks in the bottle- a shimmery ivory white. It's really quite "white" in color, it's not stark white just yet, but indeed very borderline to that unless you have really pale skin.   I would say it's a moonlight white.

It's shimmery with 2 coats and probably full opaque in 3.


Overall 3/5. In certain angles and when I'm particularly pale, this looks really clean on my nails and pretty. However under other lights or when I'm a bit more tanned, this simply looks a bit too white a color and not natural enough.

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