Sofina Beaute UV Cut Milk SPF50 moist sunscreen/ moisturiser review/ swatch

Sofina Beaute UV Cut Milk SPF50+ PA +++ Moist  is my staple summer sunscreen. I've gone through 3 full bottles of this already in the last 2 years ( I usually have 2 different types of sunscreen open at once for the face so it's not really that 3 bottles lasted me 2 full years).

It is marketed as a sunscreen with moisturiser so you can skip your moisturiser before this if you don't have very dry skin. I find it excellent in terms of the consistency- while it's not super moisturising per se, this also means once layered with my usual serums it won't make my skin too clogged and unable to breathe.

Here's the back, in pic below on the right (the bottle on left is the Sofina Beaute Moisturiser which I have already reviewed separately).

Comes in a 40ml bottle- not huge amount but it lasts months for using on the face.

It has a small nozzle which makes quantity control very easy.

Here it is, a light runny milky consistency. Not as runny as real milk, but just a tad thicker. Has a very light pleasant scent which disappears very quickly on application.

Spreaded out:

Once blended- you can barely see anything there! It's not intended to be a makeup primer or foundation base etc, but my makeup usually goes over this just fine.

Honestly I've used this around Australia and also when I was in the middle east during the hottest months of September/ October, I mean I'm standing at the edge of the dead sea under 46 celcius heat (yep 46) and on other days literally in the middle of the desert with this on my face and very little makeup, and this was for a whole month, and my face got barely tanned.

It's also reasonably sweat proof etc (at least for the face, I use other sunscreens for the body).

Very impressed with this SPF50 moisturiser. Lightweight, dries velvet finish, does not interfere with my other skincare or makeup. The only thing I can think of is anyone with really dry skin or peeling skin might want to prep your skin well with a normal moisturiser, as any peeling can show a little bit with this.

Overall 5/5. I'm honestly yet to find something better.

For comparison sake, during my middle east trip I also used up a full bottle of La Roche Posay anthiolos fluid SPF50 (orange label white bottle), that was excellent and slightly more moisturising than Sofina (but slightly thicker), but I still prefer the lightness of Sofina Beaute.

I also used a full bottle of Shiseido Anessa sunscreen in the gold label bottle, that was good for the body but extremely difficult to remove and quite drying. Plus a full bottle of the Japanese drugstore brand Mentholatum Sunkiller SPF100 (the Japanese doesn't seem to regulate the suncreen protection level and just let them label even above SPF50s), which was a bit drying too even for the body and I didn't feel too much SPF protection as I still got burnt on some days.

(No kidding...I really used 5 bottles of sunscreen during a 1 month trip!)

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