Jill Stuart 2011 Fall- Lip Jewel gloss #14 Glowing Citrine swatch/ review

Jill Stuart 2011 Fall collection includes around 3-4 lipglosses (lip jewel or jelly lipglosses), 2 jelly eye color N, 2 blushes and maybe an eyeshadow?

Here's the Lip Jewel Gloss #14 Glowing Citrine:

Housed in the signature princessy lipgloss tube with gorgeous carvings.

The shade is like an apricot base with loads of apricot-champagne shimmers. It's not gold, it's not pink, but honestly just a peachy chamagne shade with similar colored shimmers.

Swatch on skin: you can see it's not too pigmented, applies almost like a gel

Lip swatch- this does not cover any uneven liptone. If you have rosy lips, this probably will sit on top as a semi transparent shimmer and add/alter very little color.

The shimmer shows up in flash photography better, but you can see it really doesn't translate to that apricot champagne color in the tube:

Comes in a gorgeous pink crystal studded cap:

 Jill Stuart cosmetics are mostly scented with their signature scent, a bit of a sweet scent. I don't mind it that much but typically would prefer my lipglosses unscented.

The texture is more on the "thin" gloss side once on the lips, it's sort of hard to layer up for more colors. Those with rosy lips should probably try a deeper shade, or layering this with a lipstick.

Overall 3.5/5. I would probably really need to top this over other lipsticks for any color payoff!.

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