Frederic Fekkai Technician Color Care 3-minute Mask Rapid Treatment restores vibrance review

Frederic Fekkai seems to get a lot more rave and review in the US than Australia, it's not very advertised here. The Technician Color Care range is desigend for colored hair.

You should apply to freshly shampooed, clean damp hair, then leave in for 3 minutes then rinse.

It's in an open round jar and the product is a pretty soft pink cream with a pearly sheen. It's a bit thicker in consistency with certain firmness, so you have to dig your fingers in and scoop a bit out. However once smoothed on hair, it's easily spreadable.

This mask has been advertised as a 3-minute hair mask. When used accordingly it does seem to work. I tried leaving it in for a bit longer like 15minutes and while the result was slightly better, the difference is pretty small.

The hair mask has a relatively light floral scent that I don't mind despite my sensitive nose.

In terms of effectiveness, I would probably say this is between a conditioner and mask- it's more nourishing than a hair conditioner but not as super as other hair masques (e.g Kerastase). It leaves my hair tangle free and more manageable, then again I have relatively healthy hair that's just dyed frequently and experiences some dryness or frizziness at times.

It doesn't seem utlra hydrating. I would gladly finish the pot off, but not sure if it's worth repurchasing. 

It's 150g in full retail size and RRP around 30-35AUD when purchased in Australia. This means the pricing is almost on par with Kerastase hair masques (based on price/size comparision). Kerastase masques are around 38AUD for 200ml here for their standard items like Nutri-thermique (not premium lines). Based on pricing I would easily prefer Kerastase instead.

Overall rating is 4/5 without considering the price, given it really only needs 3-5 minutes on your hair, compared to other masques that requires a good 10minute for maximum effect. Taking price into consideration compared to other hair masques, this would just be a 3.5 out of 5.

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