MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Skinfinish- Rose Quartz, Pearl, Goldstone, Crystal Pink swatches / review

Here are the MAC Mineralize skinfinish items from 2011. There are 4 mineralize skinfinish from the collection, being Semi precious Pearl, Rose quartz, Goldstone and Crystal Pink.

Here are the 3: Rose quartz on top, on left is Crystal Pink, on right is Semi precious pearl.

Semi-precious Pearl below:
Swatch of pearl below, the inner rim is a bronzy rose, outter rim is a pale champagne pearl. Mixed together you still get a paler rusty bronze rose sort of shade. There's sufficient pigment to make this a blush.

Crystal Pink below:

To tell the truth, it's hard to differentiate Pearl and Crystal Pink, you can see Crystal pink's swatch below, it's a bronzy beige inner rim with a more champagne pink outter rim, as the color difference of the outter rim compared to Pearl is very minor, the overal effect is still a shimmering beigy bronze. However overall it will be paler than Pearl.

Below is Rose Quartz- this one clearly has a bit more pigment and shows up with outter rim as a very pale rosy pink. I find it difficult to differentiate the inner rim and outter rim under flash photography though, despite in the pan one seems darker, but once swatched they are similar. Overall when blended together it's a soft shimmering rose. Probably my favorite out of the whole collection.

Separately here's the Goldstone one:
The outter rim is a medium bronze with adequate pigment, even the inner rim shows up with more beige pigment ocmpared to Pearl and Crystal pink. Overall the effect is a shimmering golden bronze on the warm side.


Here are swatches for all 3 similar ones, Crystal pink, Pearl and Rose Quartz, I tried to swipe the inner rim, outter rim, then on bottom is when the two are blended together. I didn't label them incorrectly but it's pretty obvious crystal pink looks a bit more beige/ bronze than Pearl, which comparatively looks more pink. Rose quartz on the other side is clearly a soft pink rose shimmer.

All 3 shades are shimmery. They are not 'glittery' as some other MSFs but definitely a visible shimmer, I would highly recommend trying them in stores before purchase as we all know how much shimmers can accentuate pores at times.

My overall thought of the collection is you do not need all 4. Rose Quartz is clearly more usable as a blush color, while the Goldstone shade is a bronzer (but with shimmers which would mean difficult to use all over face).  Crystal Pink and Pearl are definitely really similar to each other. I also find the size of the inner rim/ outter rim varies between each piece of mineralize skinfinish. Some you get a much larger area and some you get far less.

Rating is 3.5/5. They look pretty and unique in the pans, but the mixed inner rim means it's hard to know what color you are picking up exactly, and the lighter shades are sort of not quite a blush and not quite a highlighter. If you layer on too much trying to get more color, the MSF clearly becomes a bit too frosty to look natural on the face.

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