OPI Yokohama Collection Full review/ swatch (Cherry blossom, Pinkerbell, Super Bright, Swirl etc)

OPI Yokohama was a really limited edition collection in Asia in around 2009? or 2010 thereabouts.

I was so excited to see the collection that in the first time in ages, I actually just ordered every single color in the collection! It contains the following 12 bottles of shades:

Y01 Baby Blue
Y28 Pinkerbell
Y31 Super Bright Sparkles 2
Y32 Penny For Your Thoughts
Y33 Blush of Adrenaline
Y35 Vintage Violet
Y36 Swirl of Euphoria
Y43 Bay Bridge Sunset
Y44 Cherry Blossom
Y45 I Love Yokohama
Y46 Sweet Love At Ferris Wheel
Y47 Yokohama Twilight

 Here are most of them lined up (click on picture to enlarge).

Some comparision between Baybridge Sunset and OPI Design Series DS Vintage (they are virtually the same, even though DS vintage seems more rainbowy in the bottle, they are about the same on the nails. You really don't need both shades). It's a sparkly corally red bronze that flashes all different lights at different angles, holo finish.

I also threw in OPI Design Series DS Chiffon and swatch as a comparison:

Then my FAVORITE color from this collection! "I Love Yokohama" swatched below. How pretty is this!  It's a very fine foiled finish beigey pink, that makes my nails look so clean and elegant.

This is "Cherry Blossom" swatched below, again it's almost a foiled finish, sparkly shimmery cherry blossom pink, very feminine. It reminds me of a few Chanel softshades (other than Chanels don't do the foiled finish in any pinks as far as I can remember!).

OPI Vintage Violet below: this was slightly meh for me. It's a frosty, very pale silvery lilac. From a distance it can look almost just a washed out silver, the lilac tinge is very light. I don't like frost finishes as any brush strokes show very easily. For an OPI frost finish I prefer OPI Tutti Fruitti Tonga , which is more like a pearl/ frost and much prettier and softer looking than Vintage Violet, other than it's a pearly pink tinge.

Here are close up pics of the other shades:

 Overall 5/5 for this collection. They are such an interesting mix of different finishes and my favorite soft colors with a twist.

 Obviously this particular post has taken a ridiculous amount of time so would love to hear any comments! I will gradually upload other swatches for other shades when I get around to it =)

As to availability of this collection, sorry I really don't know- it seems some websites are selling it or on ebay, I asked a friend to buy it in HK for me when it first came out. For a while it was selling in Australia too (David Jones) but I suspect it's now gone.


Crazed by Polish said...

I just found "baby blue" at my local nail supply place and was facinated but did not buy it. It seemed like it would be a bit too sheer. It makes me curious about the store-like are they getting imports from OPI directly, including their cast offs? Anyway, the color is beautiful and I'm glad I was able to find more info on it. Thanks for taking the time to review the collection, I really liked Yokohama sunset and Star Sparkle as well.

Wombat said...

Ohh that's quite lucky you were able to find baby blue- it's sheer but buildable to a light blue. It seems in some parts of Asia the Yokohama collection may still be available though, I think OPI stock is inconsistent like that between countries.

I love Yokohama sunset too! =)

memoiselle said...

oh how I wish I could have this collection!! may I know how you got this collection? this is one of my dream collection which is verrryyyyy hard to find :(

Wombat said...

Hi memoiselle , I got the collection from HK when it first came out, not sure if it's still there in HK

however I know some shades are still available in Asia, if not the full line.

The collection was also released in Australia in early 2011- in David Jones, not sure if still around though (plus they retail for 20AUD in Australia so I hardly buy my OPI here). cheers