MAC Cultureclash lipglass swatch/review

I have to admit I was a sucker for the MAC Spring Colour forecast collection from 2010- everything was so 'my color', like cheerful pinks (that's not neon or too bright), those gradation blushes, peaches and nudes.

I grabbed the MAC Cultureclash lipglass, which looks like a gorgeous cherry blossom pink.

Looking close you can see there's silver shimmers infused inside.

Swatch on skin, thicker on one side and spreaded out more on the other side.

Now the verdict...as you can see there shouldn't be any reason for me to not love this as it just looks like such a sweet pink in the tube that should be foolproof.

However, I was so wrong! once on the lips the silver shimmers take over making this almost a bit frosty, and too cool toned pink a color and looks totally wrong on me. Not to mention it sinks into lines and accentuate any imperfections like dryness. It is also a bit sticky and drying on the lips.

I should've learnt my lesson from all the past MAC lipglasses, they really arent the best lipglosses even though they tend to have such a wide color collection- the wear, finishing and shimmer factor just can't be predicted. Even if it looks great when you try it in store on your skin, without trying it on your lips you just won't know!

Unfortunately in Australia the often lack of testers (or even where available, remotely clean ones) also means buying anything MAC is such a hit or miss.

Overall 2/5.

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