Kanebo Prettia Elegant Ash Bubble Hair Dye swatch/ review

It's very interesting when you read the blog statistics, seems like I get a few hits because people were searching for the Kanebo Prettia Elegant Ash hair color reviews.

Well here it goes- I won't bother with reviewing the kit because it's impossible to take photos when there are all these bubble dyes on my hair and there are plenty of bloggers who reviewed already.

Here's what the Elegant Ash shade looks like on my hair after dying immediately. My hair looks really silky because I really slapped on a lot of hair masque after washing off the hair dye (Kerastase nutri-thermique hair masque).  Otherwise the bubble hair dye will still leave hair a tad dry after application.

There isn't much point in showing the before photos because everyone really gets different fading with their previous hair dye. Mine was prettia ash brown but faded a whole 1.5 shades lighter and started to look a bit orange brown.

As with hair colors it can look like a multitude of shades after coloring, so here it is under slight different light.

Overall I LOVE the finish of the Elegant Ash shade. I've tried Ash Brown (which looked nice for about 2 weeks afterwards but fades really quickly and turn orange), also the Royal Chocolate and Dark Brown from Liese shade. After all the tries I always go back to Prettia's Elegant Ash.

It dyes my black hair into a natural deep cool brown. I hate too much orange or yellow or red tones in my hair, so this is the true perfect balance.

However as with all bubble dye (or at home hair colors), they tend to fade a bit after 4-5 weeks. I probably re-do it after 6-10 weeks.  I've been using at home hair dye for a good year or two, and I find while the ends will require more regular trimming to reduce split ends or brittle ends, the overall hair structure is still reasonable in tact.

(I used to have those super good natural hair, I could literally run a fine toothcomb through my long hair when it's still wet, and not get any tangles). However as you turn past 25 and have recklessly done bad things to your hair like perming or hot curlers, the hair condition will deteriorate gradually).

Overall 5/5 for this shade. I wish it would fade slower though, and also wish it covers grey hair. (I have a few grey hair and this does not cover it much, so I alternate between the Salon de Pro bubble hair dye in 4A which is called Ash but still looks like natural Asian black hair once you apply!). The salon de pro one will cover my grey slightly better, while elegant ash is my desired color later.

Salon de pro covers grey hairs better, but you will not get full grey hair coverage still. However I find using Salon de pro then re-dye it with Prettia Elegant Ash maybe 3-4 weeks later gives great color results, because the Elegant Ash can have a good black canvas to go over.

A final close up- this is about as dark as it would look under any light.


bom said...

May I know how your hair color looked like before dying into this product? Badly want this color, it's really pretty.

Wombat said...

Hi Bom, my natural hair color is Asian black, but not really pure solid black, more like super dark brown/black.

When I dye with the elegant ash over natural hair I get a pretty close color to what's in the post, hope this helps =)

Jessabelle Goh said...

Hmm.. After a few weeks or so, what colour did it turned into? Is it still blackish brown or more into orange-y? Please reply asap. =]

Wombat said...

Hi jessabelle
After a week it's still quite dark, it really only fades after about 3-4 weeks, then can turn slightly orange after 6-8 weeks (but not bright burning orange, but more just fading the brown and showing the orange).

hopi44 said...

You said you had dyed your hair with Prettia Ash Brown, but it fades to orange? What kind of orange does it look like (is it ugly or bearable?) I can't decide on Milk Tea Brown, Marshmallow Brown, and Ash Brown, but I might go with Milk Tea if Ash Brown fades that quickly.
Thank you!

Wombat said...

Hi there, rule of thumb is the lighter the original shade, the faster it fades. It turns a bit orange but it's not bright orange or unbearable- it only looks a bit too orange- brown in direct sunlight so makes my hair look dry , but by no means 'terrible' looking. Ash brown is the darkest out of milk tea brown/ marshmallow brown and ash brown. if you are after medium brown hair starting with ash brown might be safer as it fades gradually after 2 weeks, while marshmallow brown and milk tea is much lighter. hope this helps